‘Yes!’ I yelled as I jumped into my Dad’s car. I was humming on our way to the florist. My Dad and I walked into a beautiful florist called ‘Pierros’. Flowers were blooming everywhere and you could spot a thousand colors and shades of hues in a glimpse of an eye. The usual tall, elegant looking lady greeted us. She asked us what type of flower we would like, but my Dad and I were already staring at a beautiful flower bouquet with lots of vivid colors and a cocoa and yellow sunflower in the middle. The lady wrapped the bouquet in a baby pink pearly colored fabric. She finished it off with a bow, which was silky to the touch.

Butterflies were dancing in my stomach as Dad and I were heading to the Eleftherios Venizelos airport, to greet my Mom, as she came back from Australia!.

As we passed by the furniture store IKEA,The Factory outlet Mall and Leroyn Merlin I knew what came next, The airport! I could hear the buzzing sounds of the airplanes taking off. I could also spot the enormously tall tower, which lies next to the airport’s main building.

As I walked in, I saw people running around with their luggage, trying to catch a plane and some trying to grab food. One guy looked so hungry – or just too queasy from his flight – that he looked as pale as a ghost on Halloween night. I felt kind of nervous, and I don’t know why, but I just did. I started jumping up and down and created a choreography, but I didn’t realise a crowd of people were staring at me, with their eyes focusing on me like a camera.

‘Awkward’ I thought. They were still looking at me intently, so I backed away without turning to the crowd, because it felt like I was encountering a large, hungry tiger. My legs later took me back to my Dad, as if they were feeling embarrassed.

Anyway, after that, my Dad and I were just wandering around the airport shops, waiting for time to pass because my Mom wouldn’t be landing for about another hour. As I saw a bookshop, I jumped in hoping my Dad would buy me something, like a fun book or a pencil or treat, and guess what the answer was? ‘No, my Dear’. I hate when I hear that from my parents, especially because they make it sound like its okay!

We were so bored after a little, when we suddenly saw the arrivals of the planes list. Mom’s flight would land in about five minutes! We quickly went to the arrival doors to see my Mom coming out of them. We waited and waited and waited and waited, when suddenly a woman came out, and Dad told me it was Mom, but it was not. He was just messing with me, clearly. After that, when I felt kind of frustrated, I spotted a women with short chestnut hair and eyes, with jeans and a flowy top. ‘Mom!’ I yelled as he walked through the automatic doors. My spirits had finally lifted when I knew my ACTUAL Mom had arrived. Yes, that tone’s for you Dad :-P. I ran towards my mom and hugged her, until she could hardly breathe, while handing her some gifts and the flowers Dad and I bought earlier. My Dad gave her a kiss, as I was turning barf green.

‘Ew’ I thought. When my Dad was done greeting my mom, – finally – we went to the airport restaurant and grabbed some food.

As we were done, we hopped in the car and Dad drove us home. When I started relaxing, I asked Mom if I could see the gifts she got me. Apparently, she had bought all the stuff Australia could give. There were school supplier in the mix, treats, markers, colored pencils, a loom, sharpies and clothes. I liked those stuff, but I was glad Mom was home – especially because she would start washing m sailing clothes and I wouldn’t have to wash them :-).

For the rest of the day, I passed my time by relaxing and playing. I still couldn’t believe my Mom was here! I was glad, though, that I was happy and Dad was happy and Mom was happy and that’s all that matters to me.

12 thoughts on “SHE’S FINALLY HERE! By Ann-Marie

  1. I loved your story, Ann-Marie! You have written it in wonderful detail! I bet you were really excited when your mom came back from Australia… You really hooked me in your writing by the juicy vocabulary you used, and the great amount of fantastic adjectives. I also really enjoyed how you used just the right amount of amusement in your story. I can’t wait to read your next piece of writing, and to share my thoughts with your great effort!
    Your classmate,
    Anna B.

  2. Dear Ann-Marie,
    Oh my Gosh! That was really excellent!
    You did a great job constructing your story into words!
    You described it really well when you talked about how much you missed your mom!
    This really shows how much you love and care about your mom!
    I know exactly how you felt–my parents go on trips all the time!
    From, Your friend, Maggie D. 🙂

  3. Dear Ann-Marie,
    I loved your story and how you used great adjectives that made your story come alive. I am looking forward to read another one! Your story made me excited for your mom to come home. How long was your mom gone?
    Your friend,
    Kaitlyn 🙂

  4. Dear Ann-Marie,
    I really liked that you used figurative language such as similes. I know you’re really good at writing stories, so I’m looking forward for your next story!
    Your Best Friend,
    See Eun

  5. Dear Ann-Marie,
    I can understand how you felt when your mom had left. My mom had to leave for a month too. I also missed her a lot.
    Can’t wait until I read another of your great stories,

  6. Dear Ann Marie,
    I loved your story it was awesome, especially the part when you explained when you entered the florist shop and explained all the flowers in the shop!
    Your friend,

  7. Hi Afroditi and Mario,
    Thank you guys for the helpful comments. I can’t wait to read more of your stories, Afroditi, and I can’t wait for you, Mario, to post a story on our blog!
    Thanks guys,

  8. Dear Anna-Maria
    Great story! You used a lot of similes that matched with what you said. Also, I could understand how you felt like Afroditi said as well. My mom had to leave for almost 1 week, that’s less than a month.
    Your friend ,
    Maria 🙂

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