Getting Kokona by Chrysonoe

“That one! That one! I want this bird!” It was a cool, fresh day that all birds tweeted. The flowers were bringing a cool smell.
In a small pet shop that was filled with cages, and food for dogs and everything else you could imagine, a small bird was tweeting so hard that I just wanted to let it out so it could fly away.
Anyway, I loved it. As I said before I wanted that bird with the grey and orange cheeks, and some yellow brighter than the sun. It was so beautiful that all the light fell through its bright eyes and covered its long thick tail. I just wanted that bird. I wanted to get it so bad.
As my mom and I went home, I was very excited. I tried to peek to see my new bird. But it was so dark and heavy that when I tried to see inside it, the box fell down. It was as if I was holding an elephant or something.
As we arrived home we heard my new bird tweeting so hard. She was feeling alone. I was so sad that I couldn’t let her stay like that, so I went with the stairs, instead of the elevator, and I pulled and pulled but I only got to the 3rd step because the box was so heavy. Then I decided to take the elevator.
My new bird was ok after that. I was telling my mom “Come on! Come on, mom!” Then I ran to the door and slammed open Koko’s door, my other parrot and grabbed him so quickly and hard that his feathers were falling off. Faster than a cheetah, I opened the box so my other bird could get out. But she didn’t. So, I let Koko fly wherever he wanted in the house.
My other bird was still not getting out. I waited and waited, rumbling of terror. I was so worried something had happened to her in the box. Then I saw a small face. It was Kokona.
When I saw her, I immediately called her Kokona. She was so cute. Then I went to my room and grabbed my mouse toy. My house was rumbling as I rushed through the hall. I just wanted to take a huge break. I couldn’t do anything except watch for my bird, so I tried to do everything at once.
I put my mouse toy into the box and it turned on. Kokona burst out and flew through the living room, screaming with joy. She went straight to the wall. She crashed!
Koko was hiding on a short shelf that was connected to the wall. He was looking at the small electric mouse as it went here and there. He didn’t know what was going on. He was amazed.
Then they talked and went close to each other. Then they became friends. After that, I just went to my room, and got a good nap!

4 thoughts on “Getting Kokona by Chrysonoe

  1. Dear Chrysonoe,
    I liked your story so much and you used so many details. I love how you started your first sentence. It made me want to read more and more. I hope you write another story about your pets and how you got them.
    From Khush

  2. Dear Nony,
    You described how Koko and Kokona reacted, and how you described Kokona`s feelings, and you also SHOWED me, and did NOT TELL me! 🙂
    🙂 STELEEZA 🙂

  3. Dear Chrysonoe,
    Wonderful! You did an outstanding job!
    You did great when you were describing Kokona when you saw her the first time–feathers as bright as the sun, the light reflecting off of her shiny eyes–it was great!
    Nice work!
    From, Your friend, Maggie 🙂

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