Our New Dog by Afroditi T.

It was 9:00 pm, my mom, sister, and I, were waiting for my dad to come and bring our dog.  My heart was pumping and I can still feel it.  After half an hour, my dad came in with a two month old little doberman.  I can still hear the dog squeaking and feel its smooth black fur, as I was petting it for the first time. The little dog looked like a deer because we cut its ears.  We wrapped her ears with a white medical bandage and her ears were standing up.  It had cute little dark brown eyes that looked scared, but they had a glitter to them as she was glaring at us.  I felt sorry for the doggie because it was away from its mother but I was also excited about our new dog. A few minutes later we put water and dog food into two bowls and before we could finish putting food, the tiny doberman was already eating and drinking.  As the dog was eating we tried to find a name for it.  It was hard to come up with a name we all agreed with, but after some time we all agreed we would call her Sandy.  We all thought Sandy is a great name!  When Sandy finished eating I took her in my hands and told her, “Welcome home Sandy.” No one could imagine that in a few months Sandy would be happy in her new home and family!


11 thoughts on “Our New Dog by Afroditi T.

  1. Dear Afroditi,
    Your story for your new dog is amazing. I loved the writing, as well as your pictures!!!:-) I really want to know what your dog is doing these days. So, if you can in your next writing you can write about Sandy again. It would be awesome!!!!
    Your Friend,

  2. Dear Afroditi,
    That was a really great story!
    You used incredible detail, so that I could almost see Sandy in my mind!
    That was an interesting story, and kept me wanting to read more!
    This shows that you really love your dog, Sandy!
    Wonderful job,
    Maggie D. 🙂

  3. Dear Afroditi,

    I liked your wonderful story and I am very excited about your new cute dog (Sandy) which looks like a small deer. I wish I could learn more about Sandy and I hope to meet her one day.

    Thanks for sharing your story with us,


  4. Dear, Afroditi
    I could understand how you felt when your dad was going to bring your new doggy. I really liked your story as well as your pictures. I cant wait to read more of your wonderful stories!
    Great job!!!
    Maria 🙂

  5. Dear Afroditi,
    I loved your story! I liked how you wrote at the end that you told Sandy ” Welcome home Sandy!” I also liked how you used vivid description and really interesting words! I can not wait to read another story of yours!
    Ellie T

  6. Dear Afroditi,
    I really enjoyed your story!!! I hope Sandy’s ear is ok:)
    PS:I also really like your vivid and interesting words!!!

  7. Dear Afroditi ,

    I loved your essay about your dog. It had lots of action and I could picture how you felt and your moves.

    Angeliki 🙂

  8. Dear Afroditi ,
    I want you to know that your story was very touching and full of action.
    I’m sure if I wrote what you just wrote my dad would let me get a dog for sure.
    Really excited to read more of your fantastic stories.
    Maria 🙂

  9. Dear Afroditi,
    I really like your story of Sandy! I really need to convince my mother to get a dog!!!!! 😆 Your story showed that you REALLY love your dog, Sandy. I share the same feelings as you and your family about Sandy’s ears having to be cut. I know you are going to write more of these juicy stories and upload them to the blog!
    Your Friend,
    See Eun

  10. Dear Afroditi,
    I really enjoyed reading your story! I liked the detail that you used and the vivid words. I also love your picture with your sister! You both look very pretty.

    Your friend,

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