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Columbus Character by Steleeza


Have you ever imagined one of the earliest explorers on a piece of paper? Well, now you can!! Now, don’t start thinking of any 40year old boy! An old man, as weak as a kitty, sits on his armchair and starts telling his grandchildren a story. A special, special story………

I was walking on the ship, a cold breeze pushing my long curly hair back, as I was stopping to supervise my sailors: ‘Stop daydreaming captain sleepyhead! Put some effort and pull the sail like a man and NOT like a newborn kitty-cat!! “I yelled to a sailor. “Chickens…” I murmured to myself. Then I imagined all my, supposedly “brave” men saying Pock, Pock, like a bunch of chickens that always kept me laughing. My serious large, brown eyes stood glued on my pocket, half ripped as it was, but my light blue journal was still inside. Running downstairs, the air made my puffy, squinting eyes sore. “Finally!!” I said to myself and pulled my journal out, as a new bottle of ink splashed upon my hand. “Ziff! Seriously??” I said again to myself. “How many miles are we from land?” a curious and young sailor asked me. “Forty- nine!!!” I grunted. Then I finally started writing in my journal: “We are exactly ninety-five miles from land.” I wrote as my pen was scratching the paper. “Hmm… I might try to start locking this!” I thought and continued.

I might be a bit stubborn. OK. A lot. But I’m as smart as a fox! I am a bit bossy. I don’t want any of my sailors to be chickens, and do what their own head says! Oh, and additionally, if I tell them that we are one hundred miles from land, they are going to start crying and throwing up. What? I want my ship clean!

I would love to explore endless oceans and seas and I want to explore another trade route to China, or to explore unknown lands…. I want to see ancient ruins and falling stars, just like the stories my dad told me. I still fear falling off the edge of the ocean, and I fear gruesome creatures like giant serpents climbing up my ship…………

Columbus Character Sketch by Anna B.

​A young, bony hand reached inside a packet, and with a quick swipe, grabbed the journal that was settling inside it. A man, holding his precious notebook, looked around, and started scribbling in it, the dark ink splashing on his writing hands, one writing and one holding the paper. He scratched his sunburned skull, thinking about what he’s going to tell the sailors. He tucked his curly, brown hair under his hat, and continued writing out all of his anxiety, and secrets. He looked around, once more to make sure no one was looking over his shoulder. He slammed his notebook shut, shoved it in his pocket, and picked up a quick pace to the deck. Before he stepped outside, he took a last peek in his pocket, his emerald eyes glistening at the sight of his beloved journal. Protecting his eyes from the salty, humid air, he stomped his strong foot on the firm wooden deck. The sun was shining on his young, slim face. All the sailors of the Santa Maria, Nina and Pinta stopped what they were doing to stare at their glowing leader.
​The man you are reading about is Christopher Columbus. You might probably believe you know him, but maybe some of these characteristics might be unrecognizable to you. Christopher Columbus was a very dishonest man. Believe me, he told many lies to his sailors… But this was a good point too! He sometimes comforted his helpers with his fibs. On the other hand, Christopher Columbus was determined too! No matter how much his wailing helpers complained, he still stuck to his goal of going on. The best thing about him was that he was very optimistic. He always reported that everything he saw was a sign of land.
​You might think that Christopher Columbus was brave, but he still feared a few things. He feared that his journal might be discovered and the sailors might make him walk the plank. He also feared that they might never sight land, and die in the middle of nowhere. He dreamed about falling off the end of the world, even though he knew it was a sphere. Columbus’ world was smaller than the normal one, because his world had five continents instead of seven. He thought if he sailed west for a little while, he would directly hit India; but he was wrong. He had directly hit America, and he didn’t even know it!

The Volcano Hike by Catarina Barreiros

I was eight years old and we were driving to the parking lot of the Cotopaxi volcano in Quito, Ecuador. The road was bumpy and had a lot of holes, so I kept on jumping up and down on my car seat. I couldn’t wait! When we got there I couldn’t stop moving. I felt so excited that I was standing on a real volcano! After I settled down my dad asked me if I would like to hike to the restaurant near the snow of the volcano. I said yes and we were off.

While we hiked we saw a bunch of rocks and other people hiking up or down. We also got a glimpse of the restaurant. Every now and then, we had to stop to take a break because we were at about 4810 meters of altitude and there was less oxygen. It was a very cold, long hike but, one hour later we got to the restaurant.

The restaurant was decorated with paintings and looked kind of old fashioned. We sat down and my dad ordered some hot chocolate and we had it by the snow outside the restaurant. After we had our hot chocolate we went back down. It only took us ten minutes (thirteen if you count the three minutes we spent throwing snowballs at each other) because we went running!

image (1) image

Who Doesn’t Love Ms. B! by Kaitlyn

Ms. B was the fifth grade helper teacher and the best thing about that was that she was a certified teacher! She got to teach us grammar and sometimes math.
Also she did our spelling tests. At recess everyone sat around her and she told the us most interesting stories. Ms. B is hilarious when she tells stories. She makes everyone crack up. Some kids liked to hang out with her while she was on recess duty. We liked to play games with her like tag. Sometimes we talked to her about what was going on at home.
But everything good has to end. Ms. B had to switch to a different grade. Ms. B continues to visit the fifth grade on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. We all hope she can visit us a little bit extra this year!

She’s the queen bee!

My dog day by Anna B.

“Bye mom! Bye dad! Where are you going ag- ?!“ I was interrupted by the loud horn of our car. I saw my parents giving me a last wave, and they drove off.

I opened the door. I had just come from school and I was excited. Very excited. Today it was the first day of school, so we didn’t have any homework. The day was all mine to spend!

Suddenly, I heard footsteps. The room was dark. I had forgotten to turn on the lights, because I was thinking of all this; but still, there were a few flickers of light coming out of the window. So, I heard footsteps: but these weren’t human ones. These were as quiet as the feet of a mouse! I started thinking again, when a hairy thing jumped on me! Screaming, I stood up, and opened the lights. All I could see now was my little cute puppy, barking playfully.

“You sneaky pup, you scared me!” I exclaimed, giggling.

A few minutes later, I noticed a note. It was from my mom. I opened the envelope. The note was written in beautiful cursive handwriting, and said:

“Dear Anna,

I left you some of the roasted chicken I made by myself. Your dad and I are going to the cinema, and will be back in a few hours. Enjoy your day!

P.S: How was school?


Mom “

I was ok with my parents going out. They usually stayed in the house, working all day! I was also not surprised to hear rock music coming from upstairs. I was sure it was my brother, practicing his guitars. You probably noticed I said “guitars”, because he has three of them. Two are acoustic and one is electric. He plays them all in a circle!

I knew that my brother had eaten, because the roasted, scarce surprise was halfway munched. It looked like the chicken was torn in the middle, before baked. I tore off a leg of the delicious meat, and gobbled it up, licking my fingers happily, sucking out all of the wonderful taste left over.

I was full, but Fivo, the puppy, wasn’t. He looked at me like he was starving to death. He looked thirsty, too. So, I opened the drawer that contained his food. I stared at it. Confused, I looked at the different kinds of dog food. “Which one to use?” I whispered to myself. I continued scanning the dog food. Then I had an idea.

I grabbed the crispy Friskies and the canned Friskies, and filled his bowl with both, the food making a squelchy noise as it landed on the plate. At the same time, I poured our purified water into another sparky, silver, metal bowl. The minute I finished preparing his meal, Fivo gently nudged me out of the way, then started eating and drinking. He filled his face with the golden brown food, and gulped down the colorless fluid. I knew he had finished when I heard a last slurp.

When he was done, he ran up to his silicone bone, and started circling it. I understood, and picked it up. It had a slimy texture. I stammered, “Get it boy!” and threw the doggy toy to the parallel gate facing me. It didn’t have a chance to land, because Fivo clamped it in his powerful jaws.

I was delighted and started clapping. Fivo didn’t understand, and continued chewing his tasteless toy.

After a while, Fivo got bored, so I invented a game. I rolled a ball to him, and he tried to hit it, but he stumbled, and fell on his head. A little bump grew on his head, and I anxiously picked him up, calling my brother.

He came downstairs, a puzzled look on his face. As he examined Fivo curiously, I waited in a corner, tapping my foot impatiently.

When he was done, he called me over. He announced that Fivo’s head was bruised. I suggested that we bandaged it, and we did. After that, we placed him on a cushion, and watched TV until our parents came.

When they arrived, they said “Seems like you had a little accident!” and then they asked, “How was your day?” All of us exchanged sneaky glances, and replied “Fine…”


In the summer, every morning I go to the beach with my family.  However, this time my dad asked me and my sister if we would like to go to the Arhea Falasserna for a change. We agreed with him so we went in the car, anxiously waiting to get there. While we were on our way, we saw many olive trees with thousands of black, green and brown olives.  The beaches looked angry, as their tremendous waves were crushing into the giant rocks that were stuck in the sea. The ride seemed long but we were looking forward to getting there. As I was observing everything outside I suddenly felt my tummy twisting all the food I had eaten in the morning.  I felt like my stomach was going in circles, like a washing machine.   I took a quick glance outside and the only thing I could see were some green hills full with goats. Further on, I also saw some ancient carvings in a center. I tried to focus on what I saw and forget how my stomach felt. As we were getting closer, I could see the humungous rock we were going to jump from. It was getting more exciting every second as we were getting closer! Suddenly I start to feel even worse and before I knew it everything came out! At that point all I said was, “There goes all the food I ate this morning!” Of course as we were getting closer my dad realized that the wind got stronger and the waves were getting bigger by the second. We got out of the car and the only thing I could hear was the wind that whistled like the heavy noise of the whistle blown by a teacher to line up. We started heading down some rocks, through a path and of course I was wearing my sandals.  I would have never thought of putting sport shoes to go to the beach.  But now that I think about it, it would have been a great idea! 🙂 Finally, we reached the bottom where we were near the water. My dad climbed the rock and was ready with his swimming suit and mask to dive. We couldn’t hear the splash from his diving because the wind was extremely noisy, but we could see my dad as he was diving. When he tried to put his head into the water to see how it is, he said it was like he was on the tallest building and that he couldn’t see the rocky end. After a while, he got out and he told us how dangerous and amazing it was.  Even though, we couldn’t swim or dive into the sea because it was dangerous we enjoyed looking at the waves and my dad as he was swimming towards us. Unfortunately we had to leave, but for the whole ride back home we wouldn’t stop talking about this amazing place and its fierce waves, hoping one day we would return and we would be able to swim there too. I truly will never forget this  moment .It will always be one of my best memories!



‘Yes!’ I yelled as I jumped into my Dad’s car. I was humming on our way to the florist. My Dad and I walked into a beautiful florist called ‘Pierros’. Flowers were blooming everywhere and you could spot a thousand colors and shades of hues in a glimpse of an eye. The usual tall, elegant looking lady greeted us. She asked us what type of flower we would like, but my Dad and I were already staring at a beautiful flower bouquet with lots of vivid colors and a cocoa and yellow sunflower in the middle. The lady wrapped the bouquet in a baby pink pearly colored fabric. She finished it off with a bow, which was silky to the touch.

Butterflies were dancing in my stomach as Dad and I were heading to the Eleftherios Venizelos airport, to greet my Mom, as she came back from Australia!.

As we passed by the furniture store IKEA,The Factory outlet Mall and Leroyn Merlin I knew what came next, The airport! I could hear the buzzing sounds of the airplanes taking off. I could also spot the enormously tall tower, which lies next to the airport’s main building.

As I walked in, I saw people running around with their luggage, trying to catch a plane and some trying to grab food. One guy looked so hungry – or just too queasy from his flight – that he looked as pale as a ghost on Halloween night. I felt kind of nervous, and I don’t know why, but I just did. I started jumping up and down and created a choreography, but I didn’t realise a crowd of people were staring at me, with their eyes focusing on me like a camera.

‘Awkward’ I thought. They were still looking at me intently, so I backed away without turning to the crowd, because it felt like I was encountering a large, hungry tiger. My legs later took me back to my Dad, as if they were feeling embarrassed.

Anyway, after that, my Dad and I were just wandering around the airport shops, waiting for time to pass because my Mom wouldn’t be landing for about another hour. As I saw a bookshop, I jumped in hoping my Dad would buy me something, like a fun book or a pencil or treat, and guess what the answer was? ‘No, my Dear’. I hate when I hear that from my parents, especially because they make it sound like its okay!

We were so bored after a little, when we suddenly saw the arrivals of the planes list. Mom’s flight would land in about five minutes! We quickly went to the arrival doors to see my Mom coming out of them. We waited and waited and waited and waited, when suddenly a woman came out, and Dad told me it was Mom, but it was not. He was just messing with me, clearly. After that, when I felt kind of frustrated, I spotted a women with short chestnut hair and eyes, with jeans and a flowy top. ‘Mom!’ I yelled as he walked through the automatic doors. My spirits had finally lifted when I knew my ACTUAL Mom had arrived. Yes, that tone’s for you Dad :-P. I ran towards my mom and hugged her, until she could hardly breathe, while handing her some gifts and the flowers Dad and I bought earlier. My Dad gave her a kiss, as I was turning barf green.

‘Ew’ I thought. When my Dad was done greeting my mom, – finally – we went to the airport restaurant and grabbed some food.

As we were done, we hopped in the car and Dad drove us home. When I started relaxing, I asked Mom if I could see the gifts she got me. Apparently, she had bought all the stuff Australia could give. There were school supplier in the mix, treats, markers, colored pencils, a loom, sharpies and clothes. I liked those stuff, but I was glad Mom was home – especially because she would start washing m sailing clothes and I wouldn’t have to wash them :-).

For the rest of the day, I passed my time by relaxing and playing. I still couldn’t believe my Mom was here! I was glad, though, that I was happy and Dad was happy and Mom was happy and that’s all that matters to me.

Getting Kokona by Chrysonoe

“That one! That one! I want this bird!” It was a cool, fresh day that all birds tweeted. The flowers were bringing a cool smell.
In a small pet shop that was filled with cages, and food for dogs and everything else you could imagine, a small bird was tweeting so hard that I just wanted to let it out so it could fly away.
Anyway, I loved it. As I said before I wanted that bird with the grey and orange cheeks, and some yellow brighter than the sun. It was so beautiful that all the light fell through its bright eyes and covered its long thick tail. I just wanted that bird. I wanted to get it so bad.
As my mom and I went home, I was very excited. I tried to peek to see my new bird. But it was so dark and heavy that when I tried to see inside it, the box fell down. It was as if I was holding an elephant or something.
As we arrived home we heard my new bird tweeting so hard. She was feeling alone. I was so sad that I couldn’t let her stay like that, so I went with the stairs, instead of the elevator, and I pulled and pulled but I only got to the 3rd step because the box was so heavy. Then I decided to take the elevator.
My new bird was ok after that. I was telling my mom “Come on! Come on, mom!” Then I ran to the door and slammed open Koko’s door, my other parrot and grabbed him so quickly and hard that his feathers were falling off. Faster than a cheetah, I opened the box so my other bird could get out. But she didn’t. So, I let Koko fly wherever he wanted in the house.
My other bird was still not getting out. I waited and waited, rumbling of terror. I was so worried something had happened to her in the box. Then I saw a small face. It was Kokona.
When I saw her, I immediately called her Kokona. She was so cute. Then I went to my room and grabbed my mouse toy. My house was rumbling as I rushed through the hall. I just wanted to take a huge break. I couldn’t do anything except watch for my bird, so I tried to do everything at once.
I put my mouse toy into the box and it turned on. Kokona burst out and flew through the living room, screaming with joy. She went straight to the wall. She crashed!
Koko was hiding on a short shelf that was connected to the wall. He was looking at the small electric mouse as it went here and there. He didn’t know what was going on. He was amazed.
Then they talked and went close to each other. Then they became friends. After that, I just went to my room, and got a good nap!

Thank You! By Francesca


“Hurry up, we are going to be late!” my dad was yelling, “Get your clothes on and let’s go.”
I quickly woke up with a yawn, I brushed my teeth while I was half way asleep. I put on my denim skirt and my red heart shirt. My dad told me that on March 4th 2009, was a very special day.
​As I was walking out of my nice warm room I was thinking, special day? What do we have to do that is so special? We got in the car as fast as lightning. I put my seatbelt on, and in no time we left. Again and again I was wondering what was happening. After five minutes I realized that my mom wasn’t there!
​BOOM, my light bulb went on! I remembered that my mom was giving birth to my baby brother! I was so astounded that I couldn’t stop smiling. I was smiling from ear to ear. We finally arrived at the hospital. All my family and friends were outside the door waiting to see my little brother.
​After a while my brother came out, I was the first on to see him. I went closer and closer and quickly ran to my dad. “Is that my brother?” I asked my dad and wondered. “Yes, he is,” he responded.
​My baby brother was crying so much that everybody could hear him. I gave my mom a big hug and told her this was the best present anyone could give me. “Thank you,” I told her. “Thank you.”

Our New Dog by Afroditi T.

It was 9:00 pm, my mom, sister, and I, were waiting for my dad to come and bring our dog.  My heart was pumping and I can still feel it.  After half an hour, my dad came in with a two month old little doberman.  I can still hear the dog squeaking and feel its smooth black fur, as I was petting it for the first time. The little dog looked like a deer because we cut its ears.  We wrapped her ears with a white medical bandage and her ears were standing up.  It had cute little dark brown eyes that looked scared, but they had a glitter to them as she was glaring at us.  I felt sorry for the doggie because it was away from its mother but I was also excited about our new dog. A few minutes later we put water and dog food into two bowls and before we could finish putting food, the tiny doberman was already eating and drinking.  As the dog was eating we tried to find a name for it.  It was hard to come up with a name we all agreed with, but after some time we all agreed we would call her Sandy.  We all thought Sandy is a great name!  When Sandy finished eating I took her in my hands and told her, “Welcome home Sandy.” No one could imagine that in a few months Sandy would be happy in her new home and family!


Kiparissi by Anna K.

Kiparisi is a beautiful place in Peloponisos. It has beautiful beaches and beautiful hotels. It is a beautiful place. Every summer we go there. I LOVE it. I prefer to stay at home if we can’t go there, because as I said before it is a beautiful place and I have lot’s of fun there.
First time we went there was in 2013, we went there because we heard that it’s a beautiful place and we needed something close to Tsapi so we can go camping there. Tsapi is a beautiful place in Peloponisos too. We go camping there. This year (2014) we went to Kiparissi and to Arkitsa and not to Tsapi because we didn’t want to. We wanted to go to other places that we go to and we also like. Any way this year we met more kids there and we played together. First we met Stella and Apostilia two sisters. We painted rocks together and then we opened a store selling them. Then we met another boy named Konstantinos, and his sister Elpida. They tried catch a shark that they saw. We planned a party. I ran to the super market to get chips, also we sold two painted rocks for a big bowl of chips.
We made a disco ball, out of paper and it worked. Colorful lights were coming out. We had lemonades, rocks and other things we made. Also we put up mini posters telling about our party at 7:30.
Every door had a poster that said about our party. Who ever could come came. The only problem was that the kids didn’t find the shark, but still our party worked. Everyone loved it. At the end some of the left over rocks we gave them for free and some of them we kept. Now the ones that we kept are in a plastic super market bag, at home. This was the best vacation ever.

The next day was the day that we left Kiparisi and went back to Athens so we can go to Arkitsa. Our last day was awesome. We played with our friends on the beach and had lots of fun with the water guns and with other things. Then it was time to go, so we said good-bye to every one, went to the hotel to get our stuff and we were about to go when I fell and hurt my self. Then they had to put Betadine on me and then finally we left!