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Central Park by Yasmin

I pulled the sheet off of me and slowly opened my eyes.
O.M.G.! I just remembered its squirrel day! I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom. My toothbrush started to sing as I put it in my mouth I pushed it around and spit it out. I brushed my hair and put my clothes on. I ran to my grandma’s room.
“Grandma, you’re still sleeping! Until you get ready I’ll go to the kiosk and get some nuts. If we get to Central Park late there will be a lot of people and the squirrels will get scared easily.”
I slammed the door behind me and ran to the kiosk. Then I bought the nuts and ran back.
“Grandma, are you ready now?”
“Yes I’m ready but an old lady can’t run! Be patient.”
“Fine, I’m just really excited! You know I love feeding squirrels, so let’s get moving!”
We had to slowly walk to Central Park but we finally got there. The first thing we saw was two chubby squirrels. I named one Chubby and the other one Chubs. We threw a handful of nuts. Then they impatiently stuffed their faces and nibbled.
“Grandma, the squirrels got fed, so now can we eat pancakes?”
“OK, but promise you won’t run.”
“I promise.”

Welcome to our 5th grade blog! Make yourself at home!

Welcome to my new 5th grade class (2014-2015)!

Currently O.W.L. is hosting videos and articles about our activities last year and work from last year’s 5th grade students who chose to publish their final drafts of writing created during Writing Workshop. Take a look around, browse the stories by clicking on the Blog Archive and add a comment if you wish. Check the post on the About page on how to add a comment.

Soon we’ll be reading your stories here, a little later in the year!

Mrs Kynigou :o)