Swimming by Anna Louise and Alexandros


Swimming can be very fun! You get to swim around and it can also be very refreshing when the weather is warm! There are also some things you should watch out for when swimming in a pool. Here are some tips for having a fun, safe swimming time!!!

Always pack your bag with: A clean and dry swimsuit that fits, flip flops, swimming cap, a big beach towel, goggles( if needed), clean clothes to change into after you swim, and a plastic bag to put all your wet belongings in.

Here are some do’ and don’ts:

Take a shower before entering the swimming pool.

Never run when around the swimming pool.

Don’t dive in the pool unless told to.

Always wear flip flops.

Now you know how to safely enjoy swimming in the pool!

1 thought on “Swimming by Anna Louise and Alexandros

  1. Dear Anna Louise and Alexandros,
    Nice job!
    I love to swim, and thought I new everything about it, but apparently not!
    Thanks for teaching me some new things about swimming!
    Maggie D. šŸ™‚

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