Dog in the classroom? By Constantinos



I am raising my hand and waiting for Mrs. Kynigou to call on me… “Constantinos, what is it?”she asked. “I don’t know who is coming, because I was absent last week,”I explained. I was expecting an author to come because usually authors come to school. “Mr. Theo and Arno, a dog trainer and his dog!”Mrs. Kynigou exclaimed. The expression on my face told the entire story. I was surprised and happy about a dog trainer and his dog visiting us. Mrs. Kynigou said “You have to be quiet because Mr. Theo is going to leave if you’re too loud.”
Right away I started wondering about how Mr. Theo would be, kind and caring or mean and rude. Also, I was wondering about what Arno would be like. I was thinking of a big, strong and tough dog because that is what the name Arno sounds like.
Suddenly, while I was wondering about our visitors, the big, white doors opened and I saw a Boscheron (the dog’s breed) and a tall man with dark gray hair and a beard. Also, he has brown eyes, a low voice, open minded, disciplined dog trainer and he is kind but a little understandably impatient. The Boscheron is black and has a beige belly. Arno is really gentle and very muscled. From the first second I saw him I went to pet him. Even though he was big, he was very cute.
While I sat there staring at Arno, I was wondering …

1 thought on “Dog in the classroom? By Constantinos

  1. Dear Constantinos,
    Good job! I loved it!
    I loved your suspense-filled ending!
    I agree with you, the dogs in PAWS in action are absolutely adorable!
    Nice work,
    Maggie D. 🙂

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