Try! By Dani

Chapter 1: His Problem
“Oohhh! I am so awful!” Brend said as he was face down on his bed crying. His soccer team lost 1-0 because Brend couldn’t shoot on target and score. Everyone was complaining at him and making fun of him. But it wasn’t the first time though, he had never scored any goals and that’s why they mocked him.
His mom and dad always told him,” Try, don’t care what other people say, just try!”
It was useless though. Every day he would come back with a crying face and nobody would help him. He would close his bedroom door and hang up the sign,”DO NOT COME IN”. His parents worried that he would quit soccer forever. His coach wouldn’t say anything, nor would his teachers.
Brend Nelson was a 9 year old kid that got into soccer by the time he was 5. He had begged his parents to join him up on a soccer team, and by the time he was 7 his parents had enough money and he joined. He would listen to the coach carefully at every soccer practice and he would always try. Even though his first and second years were just right, it began to get useless by the time everyone started to mock him. Now, everyday, his thoughts were about how bad he was at soccer instead of how he could improve. His teachers tried to make him feel happier and so did his friends and parents, but they failed.

Chapter 2: At School
It was Monday morning and everyone was at school, just before it started. Brend and his friend, Drake were talking together. “Why are you in this mood again?” Drake asked
“You don’t need yo know,” Brend replied.
“TELL ME!” Drake begged.
“OK, FINE!” Brend screamed. He calmly told him,”My soccer team is making fun of me ’cause I always miss the target and I never actually score.”
“Don’t believe them. They are nut-heads,” Drake whispered.
“Yeah, that’s what everyone says but I always get mocked. I’ll never score.”
“You won’t score if you keep complaining! Uh, my god!” he said leaving.
The bell rang. Time for math. Mrs. Pegan , the teacher, was not his favorite teacher. Time past and Mrs. Pegan yelled at him,”You look AWFUL! Go out and throw some cold water on ya face.


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