Daily life in Sparta by Raneem

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Today, during the Ancient Agora play, I had to be a mighty Spartan! Life in ancient Sparta was very different from life today. Sparta, also known as Lacadaemon was conquered by the Dorians. I think life in Sparta was great, because it taught boys how to be better soldiers when they grow up. Girls also learned the values of Sparta. You should be interested in knowing how life was in Sparta, because it’s important to learn the structure of growing up in this city-state.
Life in Sparta was very difficult. Citizens lived in harsh conditions. It was mandatory to learn the arts of war. Did you know that at the age of 7, kids would be taken away from their family? Also, they were allowed to participate in politics. This city-state is kind of strange because if the baby was puny ( weak) the government would leave him on a cliff to die. However,if the baby wasn’t puny, the government would bathe him in wine.
Sparta was ruled with discipline . Laws were made by 30 elders. Moreover, in Sparta, 2 kings ruled together with the help of a group of elders at the age of 60. Did you also know that only citizens from Sparta were allowed to participate in the government? What is more,Sparta was also ruled by a group of retired soldiers. According to Sparta, it would always be an independent city-state.
Life was also hard for families. Boys were encouraged to steal food. They would be punished if they got caught. Also, they would marry at the age of 30. However, girls had a way different life. At school, they would learn the spartan values, and would marry at the age of 30. Men and women would be physically fit and trained in warfare.
Sparta’s school was different from today’s school. The school was a public one. Students at the age of 6 would go to the Agoge, which means a physical educational system. Boys,at that time,would go to a military school. At school, boys would get beat up.
This city – state was a military state. It was a very powerful city state that was strong at battle. Also, Sparta was famous for its army. It was a full time army. Did you know that if a soldier comes back without their shield he would be banned or killed from Sparta by a governor? A soldier would not want that to happen. Not only did the army value in strength, but they also valued obedience.
An interesting fact about Sparta is that they described themselves as great descenders from Hercules.
After all, growing up in Sparta is very difficult. However, you need to be powerful to be ready for Sparta. Who knows what bad fate you’ll have.
The funniest part from performing was when George broke Danis sword!
I hope you enjoyed the Spartans!


1 thought on “Daily life in Sparta by Raneem

  1. Dear Raneem,
    That was great!
    It was very interesting to read!
    Although life in Sparta was very hard, I wouldn’t mind being able to claim that I was a descendant of Hercules. Also, isn’t the Greek way to say Hercules is Herakles? Or is that the Roman way?
    Maggie D. 🙂

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