Cherries By Marilina

It was a rainy day. I was all alone in the living room. I was watching a hilarious TV show called Friends on Star. Every 5 minutes I would giggle and fall on the soft carpet. I was getting hungry. I could hear my stomach growling like a bear. I ran to the kitchen. I looked in all the cupboards, drawers, the refrigerator and even the freezer, everything was empty. I peeked at the wooden table in the middle of the kitchen. There was a brown, rough, bag. My eyes shined like I had seen a pot of gold.
I took a look but I wish I hadn’t. It was cherries. My worst enemy. Why in the world would my mom leave cherries on the kitchen table? I started screaming like a baby. My sister came downstairs and popped a cherry in her mouth. I thought that was a bad decison and now she would DIE. “5,4,3,2,1”I paused… I waited to hear the sound of her collasping to the floor, but she didn’t. I could do it… just one cherry .
When I popped one in my mouth , it was a drop of food color that turned my tongue red. It exploded in a taste of bitter surprise. Luckily I was FULL. Now I know NEVER to eat cherries again.

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