Athena vs Ares By Sophia

Athena, Ares, two very different characters. Even though they are both the god/goddess of war, they do not think with the same mindset. They don’t have the same goal at the end of war. If you want to find out more continue reading.
Going into war, Ares and Athena have a different intention. Athena, hated to see people injured and to see blood. But for Ares, that’s why he goes to war, to see people hurt and dying. Ares was always having war just for the sake of it. However, Athena only had war if there was a good reason for it. It may not only be me whose favorite is Athena, all the other gods loved Athena and hated Ares. The only one who liked Ares was Aphrodite. She thought he was ‘handsome’. Just to let you know, even though Aphrodite was married to Hephaestus, she much preferred Ares. Whenever Ares was hurt, he would cry out in pain like a coward, unlike Athena who was brave and not letting pain get the best of her. Like I said before Ares causes war for no reason, he does this because he doesn’t care if he wins. Athena knew she must win because she caused the mess, so now she has to clean it up. Zeus also had his opinion. His favorite child was, well, you guess. If you guessed Ares, you switched it up. Athena was his favorite and Ares was his least favorite.
Even though Ares and Athena were different, there were some things they had in common. For instance, their home was Mount Olympus. They also had some of the same symbols. Shield and helmet. Both were single. Not married. Though Ares would have preferred to be married to Aphrodite.
Overall, I think Ares and Athena are very different. I also believe they that they have more differences compared to similarities. In my opinion, Athena is better than Ares because she not only cared that she was safe, but also about others and what is going to happen at the end of war. So now that you have read my piece, who do you prefer? Ares or Athena?

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