Ancient Agora: Love it or Hate it? By Mario

“We will be going to Egypt so we can trade flax,ivory,grain and papyrus for wood”.
That was my favorite line in The Ancient Greek Agora. We made the agora with ancient scenery, props and we wore chitons. Chitons were what the Ancient Greeks wore. We as the whole 5th Grade did a lot of research, we made progress on learning to research, in our classroom & library time we researched with books, then in technology class we researched on the internet. I enjoyed researching because we use different sources & I did it by myself. Finally, during art class, my group and I painted a trireme, an Ancient Greek boat. Other kids made masks.

My character was an old tired sailor looking to trade so he can eat. In the Agora my character wasn’t very important. My character was a traveler. I hated my part because it was awful & it wasn’t balanced. That means some people had many lines and some didn’t. Marillina and me helped each other to write the lines. I wish I had written more lines for myself. My character wasn’t very special because I was just a sailor. I should have negotiated better with my group to have a bigger part.

I think it wasn’t worth it at all. I would say not to do this again next year with the next fifth grade. I didn’t learn anything new about trade and transport because I’m a Greek and I know about Greece. Now I feel relaxed because I’m not going to do this again.

What do you think, 5th Graders? Please comment below & say the truth. Did you hate it or love it? Ask your parents also.

2 thoughts on “Ancient Agora: Love it or Hate it? By Mario

    1. What did you hate about it? What would we need to change to make it better next time? Please be honest in your feedback because this will help us to improve.
      Thanks in advance,
      Mrs Kynigou

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