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Swimming by Anna Louise and Alexandros


Swimming can be very fun! You get to swim around and it can also be very refreshing when the weather is warm! There are also some things you should watch out for when swimming in a pool. Here are some tips for having a fun, safe swimming time!!!

Always pack your bag with: A clean and dry swimsuit that fits, flip flops, swimming cap, a big beach towel, goggles( if needed), clean clothes to change into after you swim, and a plastic bag to put all your wet belongings in.

Here are some do’ and don’ts:

Take a shower before entering the swimming pool.

Never run when around the swimming pool.

Don’t dive in the pool unless told to.

Always wear flip flops.

Now you know how to safely enjoy swimming in the pool!

Dog in the classroom? By Constantinos



I am raising my hand and waiting for Mrs. Kynigou to call on me… “Constantinos, what is it?”she asked. “I don’t know who is coming, because I was absent last week,”I explained. I was expecting an author to come because usually authors come to school. “Mr. Theo and Arno, a dog trainer and his dog!”Mrs. Kynigou exclaimed. The expression on my face told the entire story. I was surprised and happy about a dog trainer and his dog visiting us. Mrs. Kynigou said “You have to be quiet because Mr. Theo is going to leave if you’re too loud.”
Right away I started wondering about how Mr. Theo would be, kind and caring or mean and rude. Also, I was wondering about what Arno would be like. I was thinking of a big, strong and tough dog because that is what the name Arno sounds like.
Suddenly, while I was wondering about our visitors, the big, white doors opened and I saw a Boscheron (the dog’s breed) and a tall man with dark gray hair and a beard. Also, he has brown eyes, a low voice, open minded, disciplined dog trainer and he is kind but a little understandably impatient. The Boscheron is black and has a beige belly. Arno is really gentle and very muscled. From the first second I saw him I went to pet him. Even though he was big, he was very cute.
While I sat there staring at Arno, I was wondering …

Cherries By Marilina

It was a rainy day. I was all alone in the living room. I was watching a hilarious TV show called Friends on Star. Every 5 minutes I would giggle and fall on the soft carpet. I was getting hungry. I could hear my stomach growling like a bear. I ran to the kitchen. I looked in all the cupboards, drawers, the refrigerator and even the freezer, everything was empty. I peeked at the wooden table in the middle of the kitchen. There was a brown, rough, bag. My eyes shined like I had seen a pot of gold.
I took a look but I wish I hadn’t. It was cherries. My worst enemy. Why in the world would my mom leave cherries on the kitchen table? I started screaming like a baby. My sister came downstairs and popped a cherry in her mouth. I thought that was a bad decison and now she would DIE. “5,4,3,2,1”I paused… I waited to hear the sound of her collasping to the floor, but she didn’t. I could do it… just one cherry .
When I popped one in my mouth , it was a drop of food color that turned my tongue red. It exploded in a taste of bitter surprise. Luckily I was FULL. Now I know NEVER to eat cherries again.

Walking with my dog By Stathis 

I am on a rocky and bumpy road right outside of my house. My old dog Rubi was following us just two meters away from us. Every time a dog came near us Rubi started barking at it so he could protect us. Rubi was really old. His fur was black and had some brown spots on it. He had brown eyes. Even though he was old, he was really fast and strong. He could attack play and run with other dogs. My sister and I were on a stroller. Rubi was protecting us every moment he was with us. Rubi died a couple of years later.

He is a dog I will always remember for the rest of my life. I guess this moment got stuck to my brain like a tick. I love this dog, and it will always be in my heart.

Daily life in Sparta by Raneem

image image

Today, during the Ancient Agora play, I had to be a mighty Spartan! Life in ancient Sparta was very different from life today. Sparta, also known as Lacadaemon was conquered by the Dorians. I think life in Sparta was great, because it taught boys how to be better soldiers when they grow up. Girls also learned the values of Sparta. You should be interested in knowing how life was in Sparta, because it’s important to learn the structure of growing up in this city-state.
Life in Sparta was very difficult. Citizens lived in harsh conditions. It was mandatory to learn the arts of war. Did you know that at the age of 7, kids would be taken away from their family? Also, they were allowed to participate in politics. This city-state is kind of strange because if the baby was puny ( weak) the government would leave him on a cliff to die. However,if the baby wasn’t puny, the government would bathe him in wine.
Sparta was ruled with discipline . Laws were made by 30 elders. Moreover, in Sparta, 2 kings ruled together with the help of a group of elders at the age of 60. Did you also know that only citizens from Sparta were allowed to participate in the government? What is more,Sparta was also ruled by a group of retired soldiers. According to Sparta, it would always be an independent city-state.
Life was also hard for families. Boys were encouraged to steal food. They would be punished if they got caught. Also, they would marry at the age of 30. However, girls had a way different life. At school, they would learn the spartan values, and would marry at the age of 30. Men and women would be physically fit and trained in warfare.
Sparta’s school was different from today’s school. The school was a public one. Students at the age of 6 would go to the Agoge, which means a physical educational system. Boys,at that time,would go to a military school. At school, boys would get beat up.
This city – state was a military state. It was a very powerful city state that was strong at battle. Also, Sparta was famous for its army. It was a full time army. Did you know that if a soldier comes back without their shield he would be banned or killed from Sparta by a governor? A soldier would not want that to happen. Not only did the army value in strength, but they also valued obedience.
An interesting fact about Sparta is that they described themselves as great descenders from Hercules.
After all, growing up in Sparta is very difficult. However, you need to be powerful to be ready for Sparta. Who knows what bad fate you’ll have.
The funniest part from performing was when George broke Danis sword!
I hope you enjoyed the Spartans!


Try! By Dani

Chapter 1: His Problem
“Oohhh! I am so awful!” Brend said as he was face down on his bed crying. His soccer team lost 1-0 because Brend couldn’t shoot on target and score. Everyone was complaining at him and making fun of him. But it wasn’t the first time though, he had never scored any goals and that’s why they mocked him.
His mom and dad always told him,” Try, don’t care what other people say, just try!”
It was useless though. Every day he would come back with a crying face and nobody would help him. He would close his bedroom door and hang up the sign,”DO NOT COME IN”. His parents worried that he would quit soccer forever. His coach wouldn’t say anything, nor would his teachers.
Brend Nelson was a 9 year old kid that got into soccer by the time he was 5. He had begged his parents to join him up on a soccer team, and by the time he was 7 his parents had enough money and he joined. He would listen to the coach carefully at every soccer practice and he would always try. Even though his first and second years were just right, it began to get useless by the time everyone started to mock him. Now, everyday, his thoughts were about how bad he was at soccer instead of how he could improve. His teachers tried to make him feel happier and so did his friends and parents, but they failed.

Chapter 2: At School
It was Monday morning and everyone was at school, just before it started. Brend and his friend, Drake were talking together. “Why are you in this mood again?” Drake asked
“You don’t need yo know,” Brend replied.
“TELL ME!” Drake begged.
“OK, FINE!” Brend screamed. He calmly told him,”My soccer team is making fun of me ’cause I always miss the target and I never actually score.”
“Don’t believe them. They are nut-heads,” Drake whispered.
“Yeah, that’s what everyone says but I always get mocked. I’ll never score.”
“You won’t score if you keep complaining! Uh, my god!” he said leaving.
The bell rang. Time for math. Mrs. Pegan , the teacher, was not his favorite teacher. Time past and Mrs. Pegan yelled at him,”You look AWFUL! Go out and throw some cold water on ya face.


Athena vs Ares By Sophia

Athena, Ares, two very different characters. Even though they are both the god/goddess of war, they do not think with the same mindset. They don’t have the same goal at the end of war. If you want to find out more continue reading.
Going into war, Ares and Athena have a different intention. Athena, hated to see people injured and to see blood. But for Ares, that’s why he goes to war, to see people hurt and dying. Ares was always having war just for the sake of it. However, Athena only had war if there was a good reason for it. It may not only be me whose favorite is Athena, all the other gods loved Athena and hated Ares. The only one who liked Ares was Aphrodite. She thought he was ‘handsome’. Just to let you know, even though Aphrodite was married to Hephaestus, she much preferred Ares. Whenever Ares was hurt, he would cry out in pain like a coward, unlike Athena who was brave and not letting pain get the best of her. Like I said before Ares causes war for no reason, he does this because he doesn’t care if he wins. Athena knew she must win because she caused the mess, so now she has to clean it up. Zeus also had his opinion. His favorite child was, well, you guess. If you guessed Ares, you switched it up. Athena was his favorite and Ares was his least favorite.
Even though Ares and Athena were different, there were some things they had in common. For instance, their home was Mount Olympus. They also had some of the same symbols. Shield and helmet. Both were single. Not married. Though Ares would have preferred to be married to Aphrodite.
Overall, I think Ares and Athena are very different. I also believe they that they have more differences compared to similarities. In my opinion, Athena is better than Ares because she not only cared that she was safe, but also about others and what is going to happen at the end of war. So now that you have read my piece, who do you prefer? Ares or Athena?

Ancient Agora: Love it or Hate it? By Mario

“We will be going to Egypt so we can trade flax,ivory,grain and papyrus for wood”.
That was my favorite line in The Ancient Greek Agora. We made the agora with ancient scenery, props and we wore chitons. Chitons were what the Ancient Greeks wore. We as the whole 5th Grade did a lot of research, we made progress on learning to research, in our classroom & library time we researched with books, then in technology class we researched on the internet. I enjoyed researching because we use different sources & I did it by myself. Finally, during art class, my group and I painted a trireme, an Ancient Greek boat. Other kids made masks.

My character was an old tired sailor looking to trade so he can eat. In the Agora my character wasn’t very important. My character was a traveler. I hated my part because it was awful & it wasn’t balanced. That means some people had many lines and some didn’t. Marillina and me helped each other to write the lines. I wish I had written more lines for myself. My character wasn’t very special because I was just a sailor. I should have negotiated better with my group to have a bigger part.

I think it wasn’t worth it at all. I would say not to do this again next year with the next fifth grade. I didn’t learn anything new about trade and transport because I’m a Greek and I know about Greece. Now I feel relaxed because I’m not going to do this again.

What do you think, 5th Graders? Please comment below & say the truth. Did you hate it or love it? Ask your parents also.

The Ancient Agora

Reporters are urgently needed to write about our recent exhibition of learning! Does anyone have a great photo of themselves in action and could write a post telling about their experience?
This would make a great “show not tell” piece. One angle is to write it as a “magnified moment” rather than “all about” story. To add an exciting twist you might want to write from the point of view of your agora character as if our visitors had literally traveled back in time…!
Another angle could be as an investigative reporter trying to find out why the courtyard is filled with 55 students dressed in sheets.
What other angles could you suggest? Add a comment below.
If you want to submit a post, as always, email your work to your teacher.