Notebook by Sophia

Hi!! My name is Notebook. Whenever you write my name (Notebook), capitalize it. I am a being too. Not everyone treats me like one. (Eh-em. YOU.) I mean imagine you were being written in. Man, that hurts being stabbed every time someone wants to write. Like for example, someone takes your friend (pencil) and taking their poop, and smearing it all over you. Exactly. Welcome to my life. I have a few more complaints to make, so let’s get on with it. First of all NEVER, EVER, EVER, fold me in a way that my spine breaks. It is a spine. My spine. Part of my notebody. Another thing, please don’t rip off my arms. I know it may sound weird to have arms coming off your spine, but it is the way our notebodies are shaped. Now that I have said what I want to say,, maybe you will think twice before you hurt me.

6 thoughts on “Notebook by Sophia

  1. Dear Sophia,
    I loved your story! I never came up with the idea that notebooks have an actual spine and arms. This is called fantasy!
    Your classmate

  2. Dear Sophia,
    That was a great post because you put such great detail in the complaints. On the 2nd to last line you put two commas! Just saying!

  3. Dear Notebook:

    Thank you so much for drawing attention to our plight. I don’t think humans realize how difficult our lives can be, especially if we are mistreated. We school supplies need to stand up for ourselves. For example, I really do not like when humans punch my buttons with a lot of force. Nor is it fun to sit in a drawer for months on end only to be pulled out when a human can’t figure out a math problem. Some of my friends run out of batteries and are thrown in the trash, but luckily I am solar-powered, so I think I’ll be around for a while!!

    Your fellow friend, The Calculator

  4. Dear Sophia,
    Your story is amazing, now that I read it I feel that people are cruel.
    your classmate Pandelis

  5. Dear Notebook,
    I’m so glad that you told the humans how revolting and murderous they can be! That was very brave of you, and now, hopefully, they see OUR point of view and how we feel. I just feel AWFUL when they sharpen me; it’s like running a chainsaw over your face super hard. It’s horrible! And when they throw me in the trash, just because my paint/skin is peeling. (because of their disgusting, dirty hands!) 😦
    Anyway, let’s not get TOO off topic!
    Your BFF and shared victim,
    The Pencil 😀

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