Math? What’s Math? By Aris

It all started when it was my first day at a school in America in first grade. The day was going perfectly fine until after recess, we went to a different class. On the door it said: Math is Fun. I said to myself, “Math? What is Math?” I wondered.
When we entered the class, we all had assigned seats. I sat right in the middle. When everyone sat the teacher gave me a weird look and yelled, “You all remember math from kindergarten?” Everyone but me yelled, “Yes!” Well, it wasn’t very loud because there was only six kids, so yeah. He gave us a paper that said Solve and had numbers with crosses next to them. I still wondered what’s math. He put nine minutes on the timer and said, “Start!” I just stood there and stared at my paper. I had no idea what to do.
Nine minutes later he told us all to line up by his desk so I did. I went last and when it was my turn to show my paper my feet started to tremble. I was so scared! I gave him the paper and he said, “What is this? You haven’t done anything!”
I replied, “ What’s Math?”
He answered, “Don’t you know by now when you add numbers together?” Well that didn’t really answer my question. So the next day I tried adding. Well, I didn’t know how to add and what adding meant. I said to myself, “ What does he expect? I am just a little 1st grader!” So when it was time to show my paper, guess what happened? The exact same thing!
One day, he started giving homework. I still had no idea what to do, so one day my dad came to help me. He told me that 3+2=5 and that’s what adding meant. You had to get two numbers and make them into one. That’s what adding meant. NOW I knew how to add! But next came subtraction but that is another story to tell.
To this day I still don’t know what math is and now you probably know why I hate MATH!

5 thoughts on “Math? What’s Math? By Aris

  1. Dear Aris,
    I really enjoyed your story because I could just see everything from the confusion on your face to the teacher giving you looks. If you get the chance, write about your subtraction experience.

  2. Dear Aris,
    I don’t really enjoy math either! I understand how you feel. I really liked your story because you told how you felt and your expressions on your face. Nice job!

  3. Dear Aris,
    I really enjoyed your peice about math and I like your descriptive words you chose. I think that when or if you get the chanse you should write about your experience with subtraction and I can’t wait to read it.

  4. Dear Aris,
    I think everyone went through that phase in their life. I really like your ending.
    Your classmate,

  5. Dear Aris,
    That was an awesome story!
    I could see it in my mind, especially your flabbergasted expressions!
    No offense to the teacher, but he should have explained math to you! It wasn’t very professional of him to not answer your question, because I thought school was all about learning!
    Wonderful work, and I think it would be cool if you wrote all about your subtraction experience, too! I really enjoyed reading your story!
    ~Maggie D. 😀

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