This Is Sparta! Sparta V.S Athens By: Marilina

Want to be strong and erase the coward inside you? Come to Sparta join us!
Sparta is a city state with a military background and a stable society. Girls and boys are trained in the army and are ready to fight anytime. They won the Peloponnesian war two times. Spartans are brave and only return as winners. They become citizens after 30 years of amazing military training.
Athens is a weak city state. Since they have many enemies and a weak army with only two years of military training they rely on the Spartans to help them at war. Athenians ignore girls and give boys more power. Poor boys and girls get no education at all. Athenians have many forms of government which confuse their people.
Imagine how much stronger and better it is being a Spartan.
Remember go east, go west, Spartans are the BEST!

1 thought on “This Is Sparta! Sparta V.S Athens By: Marilina

  1. Dear Marilina,
    The 4 forms of government don’t confuse the the people of Athens, it makes it a better place. And don’t forget Marilina if you were to join the Spartans, you would have no life except constantly being prepared to die. If I were you I would maybe think about whether you want to live a nice life or never have a life.


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