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Notebook by Sophia

Hi!! My name is Notebook. Whenever you write my name (Notebook), capitalize it. I am a being too. Not everyone treats me like one. (Eh-em. YOU.) I mean imagine you were being written in. Man, that hurts being stabbed every time someone wants to write. Like for example, someone takes your friend (pencil) and taking their poop, and smearing it all over you. Exactly. Welcome to my life. I have a few more complaints to make, so let’s get on with it. First of all NEVER, EVER, EVER, fold me in a way that my spine breaks. It is a spine. My spine. Part of my notebody. Another thing, please don’t rip off my arms. I know it may sound weird to have arms coming off your spine, but it is the way our notebodies are shaped. Now that I have said what I want to say,, maybe you will think twice before you hurt me.

Math? What’s Math? By Aris

It all started when it was my first day at a school in America in first grade. The day was going perfectly fine until after recess, we went to a different class. On the door it said: Math is Fun. I said to myself, “Math? What is Math?” I wondered.
When we entered the class, we all had assigned seats. I sat right in the middle. When everyone sat the teacher gave me a weird look and yelled, “You all remember math from kindergarten?” Everyone but me yelled, “Yes!” Well, it wasn’t very loud because there was only six kids, so yeah. He gave us a paper that said Solve and had numbers with crosses next to them. I still wondered what’s math. He put nine minutes on the timer and said, “Start!” I just stood there and stared at my paper. I had no idea what to do.
Nine minutes later he told us all to line up by his desk so I did. I went last and when it was my turn to show my paper my feet started to tremble. I was so scared! I gave him the paper and he said, “What is this? You haven’t done anything!”
I replied, “ What’s Math?”
He answered, “Don’t you know by now when you add numbers together?” Well that didn’t really answer my question. So the next day I tried adding. Well, I didn’t know how to add and what adding meant. I said to myself, “ What does he expect? I am just a little 1st grader!” So when it was time to show my paper, guess what happened? The exact same thing!
One day, he started giving homework. I still had no idea what to do, so one day my dad came to help me. He told me that 3+2=5 and that’s what adding meant. You had to get two numbers and make them into one. That’s what adding meant. NOW I knew how to add! But next came subtraction but that is another story to tell.
To this day I still don’t know what math is and now you probably know why I hate MATH!


​My mom had a big belly for a while now. I knew something special was in it because she kept rubbing it gently and telling me I would soon have company to play with. She told me two little girls were coming soon.
​One day, I woke up early and saw my mom preparing to leave for the hospital. I got excited as I realized my twin sisters were ready to come out! My dad was helping my mom get ready and he told me he would go with her for support. I was happy and worried that my mom would return home safely. I was also so excited and eager to finally meet my sisters. Soon, my grandparents came over so they could watch me until my parents returned. I kissed my mom and dad goodbye and shut the door.
​My grandparent played with me and kept me company. We watched TV, talked, and even drew pictures to decorate my sisters’ room with them. I was anxious as I felt my parents were taking a real long to call us and tell us all was well. Finally, the phone rang and I ran to pick it up, along with my grandmother. My dad was on the other line, and he told us all had gone well and my sisters and mom were safe. I was so happy. Dad told us they would come the next day. I told him I love him and to kiss mommy and the babies for me.
​The next morning, I got up quickly. My grandma dressed me with a real nice dress, and she combed my hair into two pigtails. I wanted to look my best when my sisters came home. I cleaned up all my toys, ate breakfast, and sat on the couch to wait for them. I felt like time was dragging by. I kept asking my grandparents when my family would come, and my grandma kept hugging me and telling me soon.
​Suddenly, the doorbell rang! I didn’t know what to do! I ran back and forth from the main door to the bell while jumping up and down! The time had finally come! My grandma opened the door, and I waited for my family to come up the stairs. When I saw my parents holding my two sweet, cute sisters, I was shocked! I didn’t know what to say! My sisters were so little! I continued to jump up and down with joy, and when they crossed the door, my mom handed me two presents. One from each of my sisters. WHAT?! They brought ME presents? Having two baby sisters come home to me was enough of a present for me! I took and opened them and I discovered a life-size baby with all its supplies. So, I also became a mommy!
​For the next few hours, we were all busy getting the twins settled into their room. I kept looking at my mom and how she handled the babies. She never excluded me though. When she changed their diapers, she told me to also change my life-size baby doll’s diaper too. When she gave the babies milk, I, too, fed my baby doll. We did everything together and I was proud that I was a mommy as well. This way, I never got jealous. We all had babies! These were “our” babies!
​Soon, it was time for my twin sisters to take a nap. I was tired too! I had a long day filled with excitement. My mommy put the babies in their crib, and she put me on my bed. She kissed me and told me how proud she was of me and all the help I gave her. I thanked her for bringing me two cute sisters.
​After a little while, I woke up so I could see my sisters again and play with them. The house was very quiet. Everyone was still lying down. Suddenly, I heard someone crying. Oh, Oh! No one else got up. I tiptoed into my sisters’ room, and I stepped on my toes and peeked into their crib. Sure enough, one of my baby sisters was crying while the other one was just lying there with her eyes open. I looked around. No one had come in yet. I felt bad for her. She continued to cry, so I decided to take some action! I took a stool, stepped on it, and reached over the crib. I rubbed my sister’s tummy very gently and kissed her on the cheek. I used my other hand and rubbed my other sister’s tummy too. I smiled down on them, and soon, there was no more crying! I did it! I had actually calmed them down! My mom came into the room then, and scooped me up in her arms and twirled me around. I believe she was watching me the whole time. I was so proud of myself, and my mom was so proud of me too.
​From then on, my sisters and I are inseparable. I love them and they love me. I could not have asked for a more precious present than getting two sisters! Like my mom says: “You are the charmed sisterhood!”

This Is Sparta! Sparta V.S Athens By: Marilina

Want to be strong and erase the coward inside you? Come to Sparta join us!
Sparta is a city state with a military background and a stable society. Girls and boys are trained in the army and are ready to fight anytime. They won the Peloponnesian war two times. Spartans are brave and only return as winners. They become citizens after 30 years of amazing military training.
Athens is a weak city state. Since they have many enemies and a weak army with only two years of military training they rely on the Spartans to help them at war. Athenians ignore girls and give boys more power. Poor boys and girls get no education at all. Athenians have many forms of government which confuse their people.
Imagine how much stronger and better it is being a Spartan.
Remember go east, go west, Spartans are the BEST!