Fun to Blow your Mind! By George

​“Eeeerrrrr,” was the sound of the racing car drifting round cones like a maniac. The commentator shouting comments, the crowd screaming with excitement. Three more cars come zooming onto the track. The crowd goes bonkers. The commentator shouting even louder. The drivers about to introduce themselves. After the drivers introduced themselves they started doing all kinds of stunts. They were going on two wheels and they made a car sandwich. One drive screamed around the track on two wheels and picked up a can of pit-bull drink (like red bull). They were outstanding. I couldn’t believe my eyes

After the cars, we went to an amazing science show. The show was called the Naked Scientist show. They did so many cool things like making a bomb from a coca cola bottle. They also had a container filled with liquid Nitrogen. He put the bottle of coca cola in the container and pulled it out. It was frozen when it came out of the container and the scientist squeezed the bottle and it broke to pieces.

​The most exciting part of the Rand Show was that the South African military gave a display. They had helicopters, tanks, ambulances and so much more. I went in almost every vehicle they had. The tank was by far the coolest, especially the huge barrel on top of the tank. This the best part of the tank and it is used for shouting the enemies and the vehicle.

The last thing we did at the Rand Show was the rides. There was a huge machine that went round and round. It was so sickening that my sister almost threw up. We went on a roller coaster with loops in it. We felt sick on all the rides but they were so much fun we did all of them! This was such an amazing show I would love to go back next year, which means travelling back to South Africa, which is a long way to travel for a show.

1 thought on “Fun to Blow your Mind! By George

  1. Dear George,
    I enjoyed all your describing words and everything, I just don’t get like what the whole thing was about. I know you said it was a show in South Africa, but I still don’t get it. Also, you should proofread the first paragraph.At the end, there is know period.


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