Amsterdam by Sophie

Over the Easter vacation, I went to Amsterdam. Amsterdam is in the Netherlands or Holland. While I was in Amsterdam we got the chance to not only see Amsterdam by walking and by car but also by pedaling and from the canals. One day, we took a canal tour. Seeing Amsterdam from the water is as if you are below all the buildings looking up at all these slanted, leaning forward building. I almost thought they were going to topple down sometimes. There, it was as if the canals were streets. Apparently, Venice’s canals smell intensely terrible. Amsterdam on the other hand doesn’t smell at all. Every night they fill the canals with fresh water. Plus, did you know every year, the city of Amsterdam takes out between 12,000 and 15,000 bicycles from the canals? Seeing Amsterdam from a bicyclist perspective is also very different. Since bicycles have the right of way it could sometimes get a little kayodic. (Especially if you are a pedestrian.) In the U.S.A., you HAVE TO wear a helmet, in Amsterdam no one wears a helmet. Amsterdam is an amazing place with great history. If you get the chance, you should visit Amsterdam.

1 thought on “Amsterdam by Sophie

  1. Dear Sophia,
    I liked your writing piece so much. Mostly,the part where you compared the US and Amsterdam!
    Also, I actually never new that much information about Amsterdam.

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