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Fun to Blow your Mind! By George

​“Eeeerrrrr,” was the sound of the racing car drifting round cones like a maniac. The commentator shouting comments, the crowd screaming with excitement. Three more cars come zooming onto the track. The crowd goes bonkers. The commentator shouting even louder. The drivers about to introduce themselves. After the drivers introduced themselves they started doing all kinds of stunts. They were going on two wheels and they made a car sandwich. One drive screamed around the track on two wheels and picked up a can of pit-bull drink (like red bull). They were outstanding. I couldn’t believe my eyes

After the cars, we went to an amazing science show. The show was called the Naked Scientist show. They did so many cool things like making a bomb from a coca cola bottle. They also had a container filled with liquid Nitrogen. He put the bottle of coca cola in the container and pulled it out. It was frozen when it came out of the container and the scientist squeezed the bottle and it broke to pieces.

​The most exciting part of the Rand Show was that the South African military gave a display. They had helicopters, tanks, ambulances and so much more. I went in almost every vehicle they had. The tank was by far the coolest, especially the huge barrel on top of the tank. This the best part of the tank and it is used for shouting the enemies and the vehicle.

The last thing we did at the Rand Show was the rides. There was a huge machine that went round and round. It was so sickening that my sister almost threw up. We went on a roller coaster with loops in it. We felt sick on all the rides but they were so much fun we did all of them! This was such an amazing show I would love to go back next year, which means travelling back to South Africa, which is a long way to travel for a show.

Amsterdam by Sophie

Over the Easter vacation, I went to Amsterdam. Amsterdam is in the Netherlands or Holland. While I was in Amsterdam we got the chance to not only see Amsterdam by walking and by car but also by pedaling and from the canals. One day, we took a canal tour. Seeing Amsterdam from the water is as if you are below all the buildings looking up at all these slanted, leaning forward building. I almost thought they were going to topple down sometimes. There, it was as if the canals were streets. Apparently, Venice’s canals smell intensely terrible. Amsterdam on the other hand doesn’t smell at all. Every night they fill the canals with fresh water. Plus, did you know every year, the city of Amsterdam takes out between 12,000 and 15,000 bicycles from the canals? Seeing Amsterdam from a bicyclist perspective is also very different. Since bicycles have the right of way it could sometimes get a little kayodic. (Especially if you are a pedestrian.) In the U.S.A., you HAVE TO wear a helmet, in Amsterdam no one wears a helmet. Amsterdam is an amazing place with great history. If you get the chance, you should visit Amsterdam.

Escaping Leonardo Da Vinci By Marilina

Hello my name is Mina. I’m a Caretta Caretta Sea turtle that can walk, talk and read. My owner is Leonardo Da Vinci the Great. The only thing he does all day is draw, draw and draw. Last week he drew the Mona Lisa. This Tuesday he built a time machine. This man is CRAZY.
“Mina, Mina your pasta is ready,” announced Da Vinci.
“Not hungry pa,” replied Mina.
“You have to eat. Come here Mina!” exclaimed Da Vinci.
“Fine,” stated Mina.
Mina swam to the restroom and washed her hands. She rushed to the kitchen, slurped her pasta all up and went to the art studio. Da Vinci ran there too and took out his most colorful paints. He had started to paint Mina’s shell. He was drawing a stylish flower.
“Can I have a bathroom break?” inquired Mina. She rushed to the bathroom. She couldn’t take it anymore. She wanted to do and see something new and alive not just paintings. She climbed over the sink and opened the window. She escaped out of the window. She rushed to the time machine. She saw buttons with unusual words and pressed some random ones hoping she hadn’t done anything wrong.
​She got into the little car connected to the machine and pressed a gigantic green button that said GO!
​Then the machine started to turn in circles. Da Vinci came rushing outside trying to stop the machine but he was too late. Mina had traveled into future centuries. Who knew where she was going to land?
The machine stopped and landed in this place called Greece. She looked around in amazement and wonder. It all seemed so new and exciting. She was sure Da Vinci would build another time machine and try to find her. She didn’t know where to go. Left or right?
She zoomed left, right, left, right and before she knew it she was standing in front of a gigantic orange sign. She opened the door and walked up three flights of stairs. There were children everywhere. She stood on the balcony watching children laughing and playing. She felt so happy to hear and see happy faces. She wanted to join in the fun.Suddenly she looked at the gate and saw Da Vinci running with a bunch of police officers.
​She rushed through a hallway and stopped at a door which said Turtle Club on it. She knew that the humans inside would help her. She opened the door. When the students saw her, they were puzzled. Mina explained what was happening. She needed their help to keep her away from Da Vinci and returning home with him. Mina quickly went under a table since she could hear Da Vinci was coming.
“Have you seen my turtle?” asked Da Vinci.
“Nope,” replied Michaela.
“She must have come here. I can even smell her,” commented Da Vinci.
“Turtles don’t have a smell,” added Gregory.
”Da,” said Jackson.
“Fine but if you are lying,” pointed Da Vinci. “You will be in huge TROUBLE”.
“Ok,” answered Raneem.
“Can you go now? We are having a lesson,” emphasized Marilina.
“Bye,” waved Felitsia.
​Da Vinci slammed the door shut. Mina had done it. She had escaped and found a new home that cared about her. She was so happy and thrilled to be in a land with such life and activity. She felt she could also do something more than just be a pet.
Today Mina can be found at the Archelon Center in Glyfada. She is visited by many people interested in Turtles and their environment. Many of the students that helped Mina stay, are also volunteers at the Center. They visit her and learn more and more things about the environment and how everyone can help make things better. She feels so loved and alive each day at her home. She feels so lucky to have so many people care about her and all the other turtles too.

Super Skiing, Super Slush by George

Swishing down the slushy slopes. Skiing fast, wind blowing in my face, cheeks puffing up. Feeling like I’m going to fall at any moment. Seeing the bottom, knowing it’s over, getting ready to go back on the lifts and do it all over again. I met in the café with my friends, talking about how cool the slopes were.

After a long day of skiing, I jumped into a big soft pile of snow and relaxed. I saw my sister walking by. I quickly made a ginormous snowball and threw it at her. She screamed my name and started chasing me. She had lumpy snow on her face and she was still chasing me so I jumped onto my skies and skied to the lift. I was at the top of the mountain and she was right behind me. I skied down the slope and lost sight of her. I skied down to the car where I saw my family getting ready to leave, my sister was next to me and she had a snowball in her hand. She threw it at me. My friends and I were throwing snowballs at each other and at my sister. We had a massive snowball fight and it was a lot of fun.

When we left the slopes we all went to a taverna. There was a huge group of us and after we had eaten, we all went outside and played in the rain. It was a lot of fun. These are the sorts of holidays I like to have: friends, family, fun.