Bullying Presentation by Nina and Sophia

          Today we learned how to identify different types of  bullying. There were 3 different kinds of bullying.1) Verbal bullying is bullying someone by calling them names. 2) Physical bullying is when you hit, punch, or hurt someone with your body. 3) Social bullying is when someone talks behind your back or excludes you. We also learned the difference between tattling and telling. Tattling is when you want to get someone in trouble. Telling is when you want to get someone out of trouble. Another skill we learned is to figure out whether someone is teasing or taunting. Taunting is when only some people are laughing while other people have their feelings hurt. Teasing is when everyone is laughing for fun.

          What we learned today is you have to stand up for someone even if you are afraid. And most important, standing up for yourself.

6 thoughts on “Bullying Presentation by Nina and Sophia

  1. I agree! A leader is someone who does right even when others around them are doing wrong! The hardest thing to do is to give in! All of you are leaders and I am confident you can make the right choice! Keep your chins up and stand proud!

    Love, Your P.E. teacher, Mrs. Stavroula Salouros

  2. Dear Nina and Sophia,
    I really like how you explained the bullying presentation. Also, I liked that you put in details about the types of bullying and ways to avoid it.
    Your classmate,

  3. Dear Nina and Sophia,
    I loved your writing piece about bullying. I think now everyone can make smart choices by reading this magnificent writing.
    Your Friend,

  4. 4/26/2014
    Dear Nina and Sophia,
    I really liked your piece of writing because you explain really well each word and what does it mean. I also agree that you stand up for someone and also to stand up for yourself.


  5. Dear Nina and Sophia,

    Excellent description and analysis about bullying!! I think the whole school can use this to understand the different types of bullying and hopefully no one will have to confront a bully!!

    I’m very proud of you both!!

    Ms. Helen 🙂

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