Dialogue in the Dark by George

Black blackness all around: only having a stick in my hand, feeling around, hearing the sounds of Athens down town. Following a blind guide through the darkness. Feeling things with my stick, guessing what they are. Hearing the sounds of ducks quacking and water gently falling into a pond, like a waterfall. Then waiting for a train to arrive, trying to find a seat in the train.
Waiting for the beep to let me know that we are getting off the train; walking out of it feeling around again, bumping into a car, feeling doors trying to find the number 218. Getting closer, then I find 216. I know I’m close. I keep on walking, just waiting until I find 218. Suddenly I stumble onto a door with the number 218. I walk inside. I find it’s a bar.
I find my way to the counter and ask for some water. The bartenders were also blind. They said it costs 50c. I pulled out 50c from my pocket and I gave it to them. I wondered how they know what the money is. Then, I realized they can feel the number. It must be hard for blind people; they have to use all their other senses. They gave me the water and I sat down with my family and friends, drinking my water, listening to the guide about how he became blind at a very young age.
When we got out of the bar, it was the end of our 1 hour tour experiencing how it would feel to be blind. When we got out of the darkness the light hurt our eyes!>

Dialogue in the Dark is an international exhibition currently at the Badminton Theater

1 thought on “Dialogue in the Dark by George

  1. Dear George,

    What an accurate description of your experience at “Dialogue in the Dark” at the Badminton Theater. We take so many things for granted in this life but I think you will now see things from a different view point. Thank you for telling us about this exhibit!!

    Bravo George!!


    Ms. Helen (technology) 🙂

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