Candili by George



     The weekend of the 31st of January was the weekend I went to Candili. It was a lot of fun there and I had the time of my life. It was my brother’s birthday and there were about 30 kids. Candili is in Evia and it was an old    farmhouse that has been converted into a hotel. You can only book it if you go with a large group of people and book the whole place.

       We did all sorts of things in Candili, like sitting on top of the roof of a car while it was driving to a lake. When we drove to the lake it was 10oC. People actually swam in the lake. It must have been icy cold! When we drove back to the hotel, I lay on the roof with my friends. It was so bumpy we nearly fell of the roof.

 We also played a game called Manhunt in the grounds of the property. I was first to hunt. You play Manhunt by counting to 20, then you have to find people and tag them. Once you tag them then they are first to count next and they help you catch other people. The last caught wins. If you are chasing, you can’t lie to people and say you aren’t chasing. Some of the kids were sliding down muddy hills and jumping over small rivers in the backyard to get away. I never got to win because most of the people there were older than me. I always wanted to play Manhunt from then on as I enjoyed it very much. We did get very dirty and wet though.

    One day we went on a walk. When we went it was drizzling. We went around a huge mountain and half way through the walk there was a lot of mud. I got my shoes very muddy and we couldn’t clean them easily. When I got back to the hotel with my friends we thought we were the first people there but some people cut through the mountain and took a road.

   Over all, I enjoyed Candili a lot and I would love to go back there and do the exact same things again. When it was time to go I didn’t want to leave because I was having so much fun. My family also had a great time and I think every one should get a chance to go there some time.



1 thought on “Candili by George

  1. Dear George,
    I liked how you explained each day individually and what you did and who you did it with, and why you did it, and even more!


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