My Dentist By Pandelis

I was a rich boy. My dentist came every day to my house with his van to clean my teeth. My mom wanted me to have the cleanest teeth in the universe.
One day in the summer, he came over for my cleaning. I didn’t want my dentist to come to my house so I didn’t let him in. When my dentist saw the locked door of my house, he opened it with a chainsaw. I quickly hid in my storage room in the kitchen under the carpet. In the storage room it had a tiny window which I opened. The window gave me some fresh air.
I sat on an old sofa. When we bought it, it was light green. Now it’s dark green, and it’s ripped in some places. The room had dust everywhere. There was an old television. It was so big. There was also an old computer. It was the kind with the green letters. It had a lot of humidity and I was hot. I was taking big breaths. I heard all the systems in the house, like the heating system. I was really bored.
I believed he was looking for me in the fridge, the oven, the toilet, under my bed and in my plastic tiny dollhouse-inn. He kept looking for me but he couldn’t find me.
Then he went to the door to leave. He tried to open the door but he couldn’t. He though it was stuck. Then he tried to jump out the window but all of them were locked except the one on the 300th floor. Because he didn’t have another choice he jumped. While he was falling, he remembered the storage room.
The end

7 thoughts on “My Dentist By Pandelis

  1. Dear Pandeli,
    I really liked how you described the storage room. What happened to the dentist? Overall, I really enjoyed reading your work!
    – Michaela

    1. Dear Marilina,
      I agree with you! The best thing about a well written story is imagining it. That is why I hate going to see movies of stories I love, like The Hobbit, because then my own rich story world that I have created in my mind gets obliterated by the movie version. It’s so annoying!
      Does anyone else feel the same way?
      Mrs Kynigou

      1. Dear Mrs.Kynigou,
        I also feel the same way but I do like comparing the book with the actual story. Sometimes it really bothers me when they change the most important part of the movie.

  2. Dear Pandelis,
    I love how descriptive you were in the story. But in the sentence “He though it was stuck.” you probably meant ‘’He thought it was stuck.”

  3. Dear Pandelis,
    I really enjoyed your piece and how you described everything. For example the different lengths of sentences. Some long and very descriptive and other short. Also, what did your mom think when she found out you avoided the dentist.


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