Just How Much I Hate Fish! by Piper

I hate fish. Now let’s just cut to the chase. When I open the door to the kitchen and I smell the stinky smell of f-f-f …..Sorry, I can’t even say it. Well I walk inside and sit at the table frowning. I put a piece in my mouth and it feels gooey and yucky just like soap, only I bet soap would taste better!!! I try to chew it, bit by bit, but I just can’t, so I wait until my mouth is filled to the top with saliva, and if my parents ask me something I just nod and bobble my head and I think I have eaten worse, not really.
​After I finish what’s on my plate, I empty half the bowl of salad on my plate.

Comment what your favorite and worst food is.
Start a conversation!!
​​​​Thank you

11 thoughts on “Just How Much I Hate Fish! by Piper

  1. Dear Persephone,
    I really enjoyed your magnified moment of you eating fish. I felt like your parent in the room because I thought I was there.


    P.S. My least favorite food is really any type of greens beside lettuce.

  2. Dear Persephone,
    I also dislike fish. I used to hate mushrooms but now I don’t feel as grossed out. Overall I love food!

  3. Dear Persephone,
    How can you hate fish? I love it! I really like the way you said “Now, let’s cut to the chase.” It was a great piece of writing!!! Keep up the good work.
    -Stathis Plessas

  4. Dear Persephone,
    I really liked the way you wrote your ‘magnified moment’. I felt I was there, watching you eat the fish. Do you feel disgusted when you eat fish? I don’t, because I love fish. Lastly, my worst favorite foods are eggplant, mushroom and raisins. Mushrooms and eggplant are mushy and have an awful taste. Raisins just don’t have a good flavor. Epic ‘magnified moment’.

  5. Dear Persephone,
    I really liked the way you wrote your magnified moment. I felt as I was your sister or parent watching you eat the fish. I really love fish. My favorite food is chicken wings with french fries. I do not have a food that I do not like. I always try food and then I judge the food. Overall, I really liked your piece. Good job!


  6. Dear Piper,
    I don’t really like fish but it’s not my favorite. My worst food is the greek “PATSA”. My favorite is pizza.

    1. Dear Piper,
      I agree with you fish is horrible. I can’t stand the taste of it. My favorite food is pizza.
      – George

  7. I have to agree and disagree, because when I was young I though fish was slimy, wet and smelly, Yuck! But as I got older I started to get used to the taste of fish and started to eat salmon. As time went on I started to eat sushi. Now fish is my favorite food, and I always eat it. But it is very good to try new things so you can learn from them.

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