The amazing PS4 by Aris

One Christmas morning when I woke up, guess what I stumbled on? I stumbled on a PS4. I was so happy so I started jumping and doing flips, even though my head hurt. I ran and hugged my Mom & Dad. After breakfast I couldn’t wait to plug it in.

When I went to the basement, I quickly ran to the TV and plugged it in. When I plugged it in, something else happened. The PS4 came alive! I almost fainted! After the PS4 calmed me down, I decided that I will keep him for ever. I asked, “ What’s your name?”

He replied “Oh it’s PS4.”

I hit myself on the head, “ofcorse!”I yelled. Then he said that he is the only PS4 in planet’s Earths galaxy.

After a day with PS4 he officially became my best friend. I brought him every I went but I had to hide him in my backpack until I found out that he could become any video game character he wanted. However I didn’t let him always do that.

He could also duplicate himself. The only reason he did that was so I could play games with him on the PS4. He also could make every game local multiplayer. He had a huge built in 3D TV so I could enjoy every game I played. When I told my parents they kind of freaked out but then they were okay with it .They told me he could stay but I had to be responsible for him and he had to stay in my room ,so I made him a little comfy bed right next to mine he really liked it .The only problem was what will I do when school starts again? I stopped thinking about it.
The next day when I woke up and looked at the calendar . It was the last day of Christmas vacation. Before I panicked I went and checked on PS4. He was gone! I never saw him again ! ​​​​​​​​The end

2 thoughts on “The amazing PS4 by Aris

  1. Dear Aris,

    Great story! I really like your imagination! Just one piece of advice:
    -Try making more details when the story is going to an end.

    Your friend,

    1. Dear dani,
      I didn’t have time to finish the story.It was the only close to completing story.So, I came up with a quick ending.

      Your friend,

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