The First Time I played Dodge Ball by Mario

As I opened the heavy gym door, I heard screams and saw balls flying around the room. I gulped.
“What in the world are they doing?’’
Then, two minutes passed, and I already had a headache. After, I went to the Gym teacher and mumbled, “Isn’t that dangerous?’’
“No,’’ she responded. So, I received the ball and it felt as though it was my soft, fluffy pillow. One question I have is, why are they calling it dodge ball instead of soft ball?
The time came and I was on the team, the yellow team. As I stepped in the ring, I heard my wet squeaky shoes shaking along with my body.
“Yes!” I cheered. I avoided the first ball in dodge ball.
Four minutes later,
“What! This is so unfair!”
“Liar! You tell many lies”
“I took you out!”
“No! I took you out!”
Everyone barked at each other. I felt frightened. Then I understood that the challenge was to get someone out of the game from the other team.
Before the game ended, I caught a ball in the air, and everyone yelled, “Bravo!!Bravo!”
That was my experience, the first time I saw and played dodge ball!!

10 thoughts on “The First Time I played Dodge Ball by Mario

  1. Hey Mario,as I read this, I could feel the excitement of your first Dodgeball game. I can imagine it did seem a little crazy and even scary at first. But you are such a risk taker (in a good way, of course) and I already know what a great team player you are. Bravo, a nice piece of writing!

  2. Dear Mario,

    We loved your piece because you showed us how scared you were the first time you played dodge ball. It was a great “magnified moment”. It actually felt like we were there watching while you were playing. It was really amazing when you used your senses and told us about the sound of screaming when you opened the gym door. Our favorite part was when you already had a headache after a few minutes. Great observation! That’s what makes this such a great piece of writing.

    Love from your classmates!

  3. Dear Mario,
    I really loved how you were showing us not telling us. I laughed so hard when you told about the screaming and yelling in the gym because it is true this is how we play dodge ball.
    Your classmate,

  4. Dear Mario,
    I love your memoir. You described what happens in doge ball in an exciting way. Now I think people can understand that you can always overcome your fear.
    Your friend,

  5. Dear Mario,
    I loved your story! I really felt that I was looking at it in real life. You should write more magnified moment stories!

  6. Dear Mario,
    I really liked how you wrote your magnified moment. You really described how we play dodgeball. I also liked that you used a lot of dialogue in your piece of writing.

  7. Dear Mario,
    I really liked your magnified moment. I really liked how you showed everything in such great detail. Keep up the good work.
    -Stathis Plessas

  8. Dear Mario

    I really liked your story it was very detailed and and magnified . I also really liked when you caught the ball. It sounds like you are a good doge ball player. -sixtus

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