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Dog Training with Mr Theo by Stathis, Alexandros and Anna Louise

His smelly, slimy saliva slobbered slowly like a snail on my hand. He was snorting and sniffing with his tongue out hanging from one side of his mouth to the other. He was wagging his tail, licking his lips, tilting his head, and raising his eyebrows like he was begging for more food. He had the softest fur, and had one ear pricked up and the other one drooping down. He really wants to eat, and you know that because if you closed your hand with the food inside, he would try to use his teeth like a wedge to open your fingers and get the food out. He is really cute and kind.
You know I am talking about Arno, right?

Dog training – ´Ελα! from Penny Kynigou on Vimeo.




Once Upon a Time by Nina

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Emma. When she was about 2 years old, her parents were in an accident. Emma was lucky, because she did not get hurt. Everybody including Emma, thought that her parents were dead. Her mom’s name was Snow White and her dad’s name was Prince Henry. Snow White’s stepmother was so mean. She always wanted to hurt Snow White. Prince Henry’s dad was the king of a magic castle, but he died, so he was the kind, until his mom married someone else. His mom told him that he can be the Prince. When Snow White and Prince Henry died, Emma’s grandparents moved from America to Storybrook so they can take care of Emma. Emma was growing and growing. Finally, she was a young girl by now. She was married with someone called Nell. After they were married, Emma and Nell had a baby. The baby was a boy. They named him Henry, because Emma had a feeling that her father’s name was Prince Henry. Emma and Nell were so happy to have a child. Henry was growing and growing. By now, he was 12 years old.
One day, Henry wanted to go for a walk in the park. When Henry opened the door, he saw two weird boys.
“Who are you?” asked Henry. They did not answer. Instead, they grabbed Henry. Henry was trying to get away, but he could not get away. When Emma and Nell went to see Henry if he was fine, they could not find Henry. They were so worried. They searched everywhere for Henry. They could not find Henry. Emma was almost going to call the police, but Nell took the phone from her hands.
“No, do not call the police, “mumbled Nell.
“How are we going to find Henry?” asked Emma.
“Emma calm down, we will find Henry.” responded Nell.
“Ok,” said Emma.
While Emma and Nell were searching for Henry day and night, the 2 mean boys were carrying Henry on their backs. Guess what? The 2 mean boys were Peter Pan’s helpers. Peter Pan was their boss. Peter Pan told the boys, that they have to Henry’s house, and grab him. Peter Pan also told the boys, that nobody can see them, cause then they will get in trouble. As always the boys heard Peter Pan .They went to Henry’s, without anybody noticing them, and grabbed Henry. Can you guess where Peter Pan lived? That’s right. He lived in Neverland. So Henry was moved from America to Neverland.
Henry had never seen this island. He was afraid. Henry was calling for help, but nobody was listening. Henry and the boys finally arrived to Neverland. The 2 boys, left Henry on the ground, and called Peter Pan. Peter Pan came to “meet’ Henry. Henry was asking Peter Pan who he is, and what does he want?
“I want your heart, so I can be very strong,” replied Peter Pan.
“No”, said Henry.
To be continued.

Bullying Presentation by Nina and Sophia

          Today we learned how to identify different types of  bullying. There were 3 different kinds of bullying.1) Verbal bullying is bullying someone by calling them names. 2) Physical bullying is when you hit, punch, or hurt someone with your body. 3) Social bullying is when someone talks behind your back or excludes you. We also learned the difference between tattling and telling. Tattling is when you want to get someone in trouble. Telling is when you want to get someone out of trouble. Another skill we learned is to figure out whether someone is teasing or taunting. Taunting is when only some people are laughing while other people have their feelings hurt. Teasing is when everyone is laughing for fun.

          What we learned today is you have to stand up for someone even if you are afraid. And most important, standing up for yourself.

Dialogue in the Dark by George

Black blackness all around: only having a stick in my hand, feeling around, hearing the sounds of Athens down town. Following a blind guide through the darkness. Feeling things with my stick, guessing what they are. Hearing the sounds of ducks quacking and water gently falling into a pond, like a waterfall. Then waiting for a train to arrive, trying to find a seat in the train.
Waiting for the beep to let me know that we are getting off the train; walking out of it feeling around again, bumping into a car, feeling doors trying to find the number 218. Getting closer, then I find 216. I know I’m close. I keep on walking, just waiting until I find 218. Suddenly I stumble onto a door with the number 218. I walk inside. I find it’s a bar.
I find my way to the counter and ask for some water. The bartenders were also blind. They said it costs 50c. I pulled out 50c from my pocket and I gave it to them. I wondered how they know what the money is. Then, I realized they can feel the number. It must be hard for blind people; they have to use all their other senses. They gave me the water and I sat down with my family and friends, drinking my water, listening to the guide about how he became blind at a very young age.
When we got out of the bar, it was the end of our 1 hour tour experiencing how it would feel to be blind. When we got out of the darkness the light hurt our eyes!>

Dialogue in the Dark is an international exhibition currently at the Badminton Theater

Attean finds his Manitou by Mrs. Kynigou


Today we were reading how Attean has to go through a” rite of passage”, a test where he must stay alone in the forest without food for days and days until he discovers his manitou or personal spirit. I found a link to a site which explains more about this tradition of the Illinois people here.

Choose a response:
If you were Attean, what would you do? How do you think you would feel during this ordeal? Can you create a magnified moment in a comment, writing as if you were Attean?
When Attean returns to his village, having found his manitou, he is given a new warrior name, such as Strong Wolf. What name would suit him best given what you know of his character from the story? Explain your thinking supporting your ideas with evidence from the book.
Click hereto join our poll for the best fit warrior name for Attean.
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Credits: Thank you to Mr Gallis for this idea. Image courtesy of what'

Candili by George



     The weekend of the 31st of January was the weekend I went to Candili. It was a lot of fun there and I had the time of my life. It was my brother’s birthday and there were about 30 kids. Candili is in Evia and it was an old    farmhouse that has been converted into a hotel. You can only book it if you go with a large group of people and book the whole place.

       We did all sorts of things in Candili, like sitting on top of the roof of a car while it was driving to a lake. When we drove to the lake it was 10oC. People actually swam in the lake. It must have been icy cold! When we drove back to the hotel, I lay on the roof with my friends. It was so bumpy we nearly fell of the roof.

 We also played a game called Manhunt in the grounds of the property. I was first to hunt. You play Manhunt by counting to 20, then you have to find people and tag them. Once you tag them then they are first to count next and they help you catch other people. The last caught wins. If you are chasing, you can’t lie to people and say you aren’t chasing. Some of the kids were sliding down muddy hills and jumping over small rivers in the backyard to get away. I never got to win because most of the people there were older than me. I always wanted to play Manhunt from then on as I enjoyed it very much. We did get very dirty and wet though.

    One day we went on a walk. When we went it was drizzling. We went around a huge mountain and half way through the walk there was a lot of mud. I got my shoes very muddy and we couldn’t clean them easily. When I got back to the hotel with my friends we thought we were the first people there but some people cut through the mountain and took a road.

   Over all, I enjoyed Candili a lot and I would love to go back there and do the exact same things again. When it was time to go I didn’t want to leave because I was having so much fun. My family also had a great time and I think every one should get a chance to go there some time.



I Can’t Find a Topic! by Raphael

I’m sitting at my desk. On my desk are my pencil case, my pencil, my eraser and my notebook. Around me are all my classmates sitting at their desks. I can hear the scritchy-scratch of pencils on paper. Because of them I can feel my desk jiggling like crazy. I’m holding my head. I’m trying to think of a topic, but as much I’m racking my brain, I can’t think of a thought!
I’m panicking, I’m sweating and inside me my heart is racing! Because I know that if I don’t get started today, I will have to stay in for recess!
Recess is something amazing! It is a moment where you can refresh your brain and also have fun at the same time! In recess you feel the wind against your hair and skin!
So that’s why I really don’t want to lose recess and I’ll have to start right now. Suddenly I look at the clock and I see that I have only 2.03 minutes left!
Finally I really have to stay in for recess. And the only topic I can find, is that “I can’t find a topic”!

My Dentist By Pandelis

I was a rich boy. My dentist came every day to my house with his van to clean my teeth. My mom wanted me to have the cleanest teeth in the universe.
One day in the summer, he came over for my cleaning. I didn’t want my dentist to come to my house so I didn’t let him in. When my dentist saw the locked door of my house, he opened it with a chainsaw. I quickly hid in my storage room in the kitchen under the carpet. In the storage room it had a tiny window which I opened. The window gave me some fresh air.
I sat on an old sofa. When we bought it, it was light green. Now it’s dark green, and it’s ripped in some places. The room had dust everywhere. There was an old television. It was so big. There was also an old computer. It was the kind with the green letters. It had a lot of humidity and I was hot. I was taking big breaths. I heard all the systems in the house, like the heating system. I was really bored.
I believed he was looking for me in the fridge, the oven, the toilet, under my bed and in my plastic tiny dollhouse-inn. He kept looking for me but he couldn’t find me.
Then he went to the door to leave. He tried to open the door but he couldn’t. He though it was stuck. Then he tried to jump out the window but all of them were locked except the one on the 300th floor. Because he didn’t have another choice he jumped. While he was falling, he remembered the storage room.
The end

Just How Much I Hate Fish! by Piper

I hate fish. Now let’s just cut to the chase. When I open the door to the kitchen and I smell the stinky smell of f-f-f …..Sorry, I can’t even say it. Well I walk inside and sit at the table frowning. I put a piece in my mouth and it feels gooey and yucky just like soap, only I bet soap would taste better!!! I try to chew it, bit by bit, but I just can’t, so I wait until my mouth is filled to the top with saliva, and if my parents ask me something I just nod and bobble my head and I think I have eaten worse, not really.
​After I finish what’s on my plate, I empty half the bowl of salad on my plate.

Comment what your favorite and worst food is.
Start a conversation!!
​​​​Thank you

The First Time I Rode my Bike by Anna Louise

​When I was about seven years old, my Mom and Dad decided to buy me a pink, sparkly bike, so I would finally decide to try to learn how to bike.
When I first saw the bike, I screamed and ran to my room and slammed the door, and shut my eyes… I was never, ever, ever, ever, EVER, going to ride a bike! Slowly though, something inside of me started to change, and in a few seconds, I started thinking. “What if I DID try, just try?” I thought, Slowly, I got out from under my bed covers and walked to the garden, where my rejected bike was placed, under the fat oak tree.
I decided I would not ask help from my parents and figure it out for myself. I just climbed on the bike, and remembered how my brother rode his bike, and put my feet on the pedals, my hands on the wheel, and moved my feet in a circular movement. At first, I did not realize I was moving, but suddenly I felt as if I was a free bird, flying in between the clouds. The zephyr blew gently on my face, and I felt free!
I closed my eyes, and just enjoyed the moment! I had just saved the world, my world! I felt amazing, until I ran into the brick wall (because I had my eyes closed) but it didn’t matter! I had learned how to bike, all by myself! I will never forget that wonderful experience!

My Favorite Subject in School by Lara Bar


​Do you think you can guess what my favorite subject is? If you think it is Math or P.E you are totally wrong! My teachers in fourth grade made me love Science. What I like about Science is that you explore, and go outside. Last year, we went looking for snails outside!! Great fun!
In addition, I enjoy doing experiments. Last year, we put paper clips on the snails and we saw which one slides faster. Another thing I like about Science is that we sat in groups and researched together and shared our ideas. I think I like Science in 5th grade as much as I liked it in the 4th grade. I think that this was an amazing chance for me to tell you what my favorite subject is.
I hope I will love Science next year in 6th grade as much as I love it this year.

The amazing PS4 by Aris

One Christmas morning when I woke up, guess what I stumbled on? I stumbled on a PS4. I was so happy so I started jumping and doing flips, even though my head hurt. I ran and hugged my Mom & Dad. After breakfast I couldn’t wait to plug it in.

When I went to the basement, I quickly ran to the TV and plugged it in. When I plugged it in, something else happened. The PS4 came alive! I almost fainted! After the PS4 calmed me down, I decided that I will keep him for ever. I asked, “ What’s your name?”

He replied “Oh it’s PS4.”

I hit myself on the head, “ofcorse!”I yelled. Then he said that he is the only PS4 in planet’s Earths galaxy.

After a day with PS4 he officially became my best friend. I brought him every I went but I had to hide him in my backpack until I found out that he could become any video game character he wanted. However I didn’t let him always do that.

He could also duplicate himself. The only reason he did that was so I could play games with him on the PS4. He also could make every game local multiplayer. He had a huge built in 3D TV so I could enjoy every game I played. When I told my parents they kind of freaked out but then they were okay with it .They told me he could stay but I had to be responsible for him and he had to stay in my room ,so I made him a little comfy bed right next to mine he really liked it .The only problem was what will I do when school starts again? I stopped thinking about it.
The next day when I woke up and looked at the calendar . It was the last day of Christmas vacation. Before I panicked I went and checked on PS4. He was gone! I never saw him again ! ​​​​​​​​The end

The Great Theseus by Alex

      Once upon a time in the island of Crete, there was a king. This king’s name was Minos. In Crete there lived a great and terrible man. This man’s name was The Great Inventor Daedalus. Daedalus was being held in Crete. Daedalus had built the Labyrinth. But, before we talk about the Life of Theseus we must go back in time.

Once there was a petty quarrel between Artemis and Aphrodite. One of Artemis’s hand maidens went astray and fell in love with a man. Each hand maiden in Artemis’s band of hunters are supposed to swear off men, to never fall in love, to stay a maiden forever. Artemis accused Aphrodite because she is the goddess of love. She had nothing to do with it. Aphrodite got mad and she had Eros shoot the girl and she fell in love with a bull and she gave birth to the Minotaur, a half-man, half-bull. The Minotaur was immediately captured, subdued, and brought to Minos. On the spot, Minos told the guards to deliver the Minotaur to the Labyrinth. So they knocked out the Minotaur and sent him into the Labyrinth.

When Minotaur awoke he was very confused.  He roared so loud he shook the city. To keep the Minotaur from destroying the city and the great palace that Daedalus built for Minos, the guards forced Athens to fork over 14 tributes a month 7 boys and 7 girls every month for years. When Theseus heard this while he was visiting Athens he announced,” I shall find this beast and slay him with my mighty strength!” When Aradae, who was not standing very far away, heard that she thought, “He couldn’t go it alone, for he would get lost in the Labyrinths winding tunnels.” So she went home and got her prized string. Then, she sought out Theseus and told him when he got into the Labyrinth, to unravel the string behind him. For this, he promised her hand in marriage. His father told him to sail off with black sails and within 2 days length return with white sails. When he got to the island of Crete, it was dusk. He decided he would get a good-night’s sleep before he saved Athens from having to send Crete their men and women to the terrible Minotaur.

In the morning he woke up and had a bowl of olives. Then, he packed a knapsack, grabbed his best sword and shield, and went out to the Labyrinth to slay the mighty Minotaur. It was high noon when he arrived to the Labyrinth. Inside he could only see as far as his lanterns beam of light let him. It was dark and dusty and the funk of over 100 years worth of death and injustice tainted the air. Theseus was here to put an end to that injustice. As he walked on he could feel himself growing more afraid by the minute and the deeper he went, the more unsure of himself he felt. “No”, he told himself,” I must be brave for Aradae she’d want me to come back alive and not torn to bits by a giant man eating monster.” He started unraveling the string. Soon he heard a feint grunt and light footsteps. Then, he heard, and felt, a loud thump. He slowly crept up to the corner, braced himself for what he might see, and then peeked. He saw the Minotaur laying down with his back to Theseus. He wiped his brow and started creeping up. Then, suddenly the Minotaur rolled over and grunted. Theseus froze in his tracks. Luckily, the Minotaur had his eyes closed. Theseus stepped over the Minotaur fearing that if he made one false step he could wake the Minotaur. He made it to the other side without trouble and took a quick glace around the corridor. There were old bones in one pile, and new ones littered the floor. By the looks of it, the Minotaur had just eaten another tribute. He stalked over and came up behind the Minotaur. Very carefully, Theseus pulled his sword out of its sheath and brought down the blade over the Minotaur’s body. The Minotaur was dead.

Theseus followed the string back to the Cretan entrance. When he broke out into the overland, he was blinded by the sunlight. As his eyes adjusted he noticed the crowd that had gathered. He looked, in confusion, and they started cheering. They hoisted him up on their shoulders and paraded him through town. He saw that King Minos and his men were not there.

Back in the palace, Minos was pacing the width of the room in fury. First, Theseus arrived and demanded a pass to the Labyrinth. Next, Minos refused and his guards failed to capture him. As a result Theseus snuck into the Labyrinth, slew my Minotaur monstrosity, and came back alive with the help of the string that, Aradae would be punished for, and was paraded through my city! He screamed a scream that could be heard throughout the city.

The trip back to Athens was disaster after disaster. First, they got caught in a terrible storm. Then, a band of sea monsters attacked. Next, Theseus received a vision from Dionysus telling him to dump Aradae at the next island. The next island they came across, they pretended to keep sailing, but were completely still. They watched Aradae until she fell asleep. Then, took her off the ship and left her. As the ship pulled away Theseus heard her shouting threats. Dionysus found her there crying her eyes out wishing there was someone there with her. Finally, Theseus forgot to raise white sails and his father threw himself off a palace roof in despair. When Theseus heard the bad news, he drowned himself.

Creating Pi Charts About Matt’s Day by Dani

One day, Mrs. Kynigou gave us an fun activity! It was about a book called Sign of the Beaver. It is about a kid called Matt that lived in the forest alone when his dad left him to go get his mom, sister, and the newborn baby. In this activity we combined reading with math. We had to:

-Find the main activities Matt did as he lived in the forest.
-Find evidence for the time he spent on each activity.
-Record our results by making a pie chart and writing the fraction of hours spent from the whole day on each activity.

At first we discussed it together. We believed that the main activities were sleeping(1/2 of the day), producing food(1/4 of the day), and growing corn(1/4 of the day).
Later, we were assigned to work in our table groups to do the same. When we were all finished discussing in our groups, each group picked on one person of the group to present their thoughts. We’ve even taken a video of the presenters!

We hope you enjoy the video!

Applying Fractions from Penny Kynigou on Vimeo.

The First Time I played Dodge Ball by Mario

As I opened the heavy gym door, I heard screams and saw balls flying around the room. I gulped.
“What in the world are they doing?’’
Then, two minutes passed, and I already had a headache. After, I went to the Gym teacher and mumbled, “Isn’t that dangerous?’’
“No,’’ she responded. So, I received the ball and it felt as though it was my soft, fluffy pillow. One question I have is, why are they calling it dodge ball instead of soft ball?
The time came and I was on the team, the yellow team. As I stepped in the ring, I heard my wet squeaky shoes shaking along with my body.
“Yes!” I cheered. I avoided the first ball in dodge ball.
Four minutes later,
“What! This is so unfair!”
“Liar! You tell many lies”
“I took you out!”
“No! I took you out!”
Everyone barked at each other. I felt frightened. Then I understood that the challenge was to get someone out of the game from the other team.
Before the game ended, I caught a ball in the air, and everyone yelled, “Bravo!!Bravo!”
That was my experience, the first time I saw and played dodge ball!!

Wizards and Trolls by George

Once upon a time, long, long ago during the dark and spooky medieval times, there were two tribes, a wizard and a troll tribe. These tribes always helped one another, until, one fateful day, Stathis the wizard tribe leader boomed,
“Someone has stolen our crystal balls,” A guard called Raneem replied,
“I saw a pack of trolls sneak into the castle and stole them. I couldn’t attack by myself because I could’ve gotten myself killed.” Then she chuckled an evil laugh but no one heard her.
While the wizards were losing their heads, Mario the troll tribe leader boomed,
“Someone has stolen our peanut butters.” Mrs. Kynigou a troll guard stated,
“ I saw it vanish before my very own eyes! I’m sure that the only way someone could have done that was with magic, and the only magic there is are wizards.” Then she also let out an evil laugh but no one heard her.
Stathis, the wizard leader, declared war on the trolls for stealing their crystal balls. The troll didn’t understand what Stathis said but they agreed to have war. The two tribe leaders decided that they will have 5 whole days to prepare for battle. So they got to work.

To be continued…