Mr. Theo and his Dog, Arno by Sophia

A few days ago, Mr. Theo came to talk about dogs and how to interact around them. He told us that you, if you have a small dog, should never lift him up and hold him for a long period of time because then he will feel in control of the situation and dominant. If your dog feels dominant, to him/her that means they are in charge. You have to show them who is in charge. In order to do that you must keep him/her at your side and on a leash. Mr. Theo also gave us this fun fact after someone in our class mentioned that Arno had an extra toe on one foot that we could see. The fun fact was: only a true bred dog has six toes, and since Arno is a true bred dog he gets to have six toes. He also informed us that if we had any problems with our dogs, he would be able to help us out with those.


Share your experience with feeding Arno today!
If you have a story about dogs to share or a question for Mr Theo, add a comment below.

8 thoughts on “Mr. Theo and his Dog, Arno by Sophia

  1. Dear Mrs. Kynigou,
    My experience, during feeding the dog, was good. I was so nervous when it was my turn to feed the dog, Arno. I thought he would bite me. When I put my hand, with the dog food in it, in front of the dog, I was scared, because the problem was that when we feel pressure, we need to give him the food, and thinking of pressure, I started to think something bad is going to happen to my hand. I asked Mr. Theo how do we feel pressure, and he told me, when I feel something squeezing my fingers, I need to open my hand, and give the food to him. When I felt pressure, and opened my hand, the dog ate the dog food, then started licking my hand. I felt something very slimy on my hand, and I got grossed out. After all, it was an awesome experience!!!

  2. February 22, 2014 10:49
    Dear Mr. Theo,

    I don’t have a dog but I have a question:

    -When do dogs bark? When thy are angry, sad, happy?

    PLEASE answer!

    Daniil Zorzos

  3. Remember – not all purebreds have six toes, it really depends on the breed! IF a breeder is selling a pedigree Beauceron – then it must have six toes, on the back paws. It’s known as a double dew claw!

  4. Dear Sophia,
    When Arno came into our classroom, I was a little scared at first, because he was so big! Then, I got used to Arno. I loved the small puppy. He is adorable. He is so cute. I was not afraid of him, because he is small. Lastly, I really love both dogs very much!


  5. Dear Sophia,
    I really love both Arno and the small puppy. When I felt the pressure on my hand and Arno trying to open my fingers to get the food that was inside I thought he was going to bite my hand off! He is a pretty HUGE dog after all.
    Your friend,

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