My Trip to Thailand By Lara Bar

This winter break my family and I went to Bangkok, Thailand. We were with my grandma and my Great- grandma. Our first day we went to a temple and there we learned that Chinese and Thai people are very close to each other. There was white ceiling, in one of the floors there was a big golden Buddha. In Thailand the food is exactly like Chinese food, my favorite is sweet and sour chicken.
On Saturday night my Great- grandma and grandma left for Israel. On Sunday we went to Chaing- Mai. The city was northwest. We were there for a week. We went on bamboo boats, they move the oar to make it move and so it is a quiet trip through the jungle. We rode on big jeeps too! It was a fun time with my dad because he was driving. We went through the jungle and saw the amazing view of the forest. It was so beautiful to see. We patted baby tigers and took pictures; it was fun to see the baby tigers fighting! We rode on elephants, we walked next to a herd, and I fed a baby elephant a bamboo branch.
Then at the end of the week we flew to Bangkok. We stayed in the hotel Davis. We went shopping and I bought a couple of books from the set “Who Was?” I enjoyed this trip because it was a trip to an ancient place I didn’t know about.


6 thoughts on “My Trip to Thailand By Lara Bar

  1. Dearest Lara,
    I’m so proud of your written piece on Thailand. I’ve watched you write, edit and add details to your original essay, and now, all your experiences shine through. You took time and effort and your hard work shows clearly. And goodness Lara! You’re so brave to lie on a baby tiger! Thank you for sharing this story with us.
    Many hugs,
    Ms. Sarah

  2. Dear Lara,
    I really enjoyed reading your article! I can imagine how much fun your trip to Thailand was! How did it feel when you were on the elephant? Did it move a lot when the elephant started walking? Did the elephant go fast or slow? Please answer me the questions like a reply.
    your classmate,

    1. Dear Raphael, thank you for replying on my story. When I was on the elephant I felt as if I will always be with him. The elephant was gentle and friendly so I did not have time to be scared. The elephant moved a lot when he started walking, and he walked slowly especially in the water when he splashed on us. I wish you have the same experience in the future. From your friend Lara.

  3. Dear Lara,

    That seems so cool that you went to Thailand. The reason I liked your blog was because it told me all the amazing things you can do in Thailand. Also it was cool that you fed the baby elephant and riding that elephant must have been a good experience for you. One other thing I liked about your blog was the picture of you with the tiger. In addition I think your blog was well written.


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