In Defense of Crayons by Mario

Drawing with crayons is fun! Crayons help you finish your drawing. Crayons are better than color-pencils because you don’t need to sharpen crayons.
A crayon is easy to use an easy to draw with. With crayons you can design wonderful posters, and beautiful rainbows.
A crayon can last long because it’s strong. Reader, you must know that you’re not supposed to eat a crayon. A crayon is stronger than a metal object. Crayons bring color to our world.
Some people draw nicely and neatly with crayons so, they change their name to “Mr.Crayoner”. Other people decorate crayons. Are they crazy? Smart people, melt the crayons and they face paint. Silly people draw on each other with crayons.
To celebrate, we should design a costume full of crayons and colors. Also, we can make a parade for the first box of crayons made, or an International Crayon Day, which there will be free crayons, a drawing contest, and a big brand new crayon factory!!
That is everything a crayon can do. Without crayons the world isn’t colorful.


Dear Reader,
I found this beautiful photo, with this intriguing slogan. What does the slogan mean to you?
Mrs Kynigou

6 thoughts on “In Defense of Crayons by Mario

  1. Hurray for Crayons!!!! Mario, you’ve inspired me to dust off my box of “colored wax sticks used for drawing” . Like you, I think that crayons give a richer look to a drawing. Can you guess what I’m going to draw and color in my next picture?. . . . . .of course, an underwater scene with a sea turtle in it 🙂 Happy crayoning (I think they say that in the UK. Ask Mrs. Kynigou.)

  2. Dear Ms. Kynigou,
    When Ms. Lia and I read your question we thought to respond together. Using the whole box of crayons, to us, means that we should try new experiences, to see the color (the positive) in everything. We also see acceptance, understanding and appreciation in terms of the qualities we see around us. Every color is unique and worthy of use, even if that means using a white crayon on white paper.
    Thank you for making us think, on this bright and sunny winter day.
    Ms. Lia & Ms. Sarah

  3. Dear Mario,
    You have inspired me to draw more often with crayons!!! As I read your story I saw that you forgot a d when you said and easy to draw with.
    Just letting you know!
    From:Stathis Plessas

  4. Dear Mario, I really loved your idea of having a national crayon day because of all the wonderful events that you planned that would happen on that special day! I also think, if you’re at an age, about a young adult I think it might bring you back to your childhood. I think everyone should use crayons because they show detail and give such vibrant color. Every single color works with every piece of artwork you make! For example, you are drawing a dog, say you use fuzzy wuzzy (which is a maroon kind of color), it would make the drawing funny, but also it would be just as great as using black or brown. Crayons are better than any kind of colored pencil or marker!

    Your Friend,

  5. Dear Mario,
    I really liked your story about crayons and it was really funny when you said “reader you must not eat a crayon”. Great story!
    Your friend George.

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