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Mr. Theo and his Dog, Arno by Sophia

A few days ago, Mr. Theo came to talk about dogs and how to interact around them. He told us that you, if you have a small dog, should never lift him up and hold him for a long period of time because then he will feel in control of the situation and dominant. If your dog feels dominant, to him/her that means they are in charge. You have to show them who is in charge. In order to do that you must keep him/her at your side and on a leash. Mr. Theo also gave us this fun fact after someone in our class mentioned that Arno had an extra toe on one foot that we could see. The fun fact was: only a true bred dog has six toes, and since Arno is a true bred dog he gets to have six toes. He also informed us that if we had any problems with our dogs, he would be able to help us out with those.


Share your experience with feeding Arno today!
If you have a story about dogs to share or a question for Mr Theo, add a comment below.

The Head Thrower! by Alexandros and Raphael

We, Alexandros and Raphael, worked on a complicated simple machine. We named it, “THE HEAD THROWER” because it ends up throwing a fake head in a bucket, so don’t be scared!
It is pretty small, but it took us more than 8 hours to build and it is a mixture of many simple machines. To build this machine we needed a lot of patience, because some times when we wanted to adjust something the whole thing fell and we had to start again from the beginning!
Have fun by watching the video of our head thrower!
We hope you like it!
Raphael and Alexandros

THE HEAD THROWER! from Penny Kynigou on Vimeo.

Great job, boys! Very ingenious!
I think you might have started a new craze!
Can anyone identify any simple machines used here?
Mrs. Kynigou
PS: If you like these kinds of crazy machines, check out the music video made by the group OK Go.
YouTube: OK Go

My Trip to Thailand By Lara Bar

This winter break my family and I went to Bangkok, Thailand. We were with my grandma and my Great- grandma. Our first day we went to a temple and there we learned that Chinese and Thai people are very close to each other. There was white ceiling, in one of the floors there was a big golden Buddha. In Thailand the food is exactly like Chinese food, my favorite is sweet and sour chicken.
On Saturday night my Great- grandma and grandma left for Israel. On Sunday we went to Chaing- Mai. The city was northwest. We were there for a week. We went on bamboo boats, they move the oar to make it move and so it is a quiet trip through the jungle. We rode on big jeeps too! It was a fun time with my dad because he was driving. We went through the jungle and saw the amazing view of the forest. It was so beautiful to see. We patted baby tigers and took pictures; it was fun to see the baby tigers fighting! We rode on elephants, we walked next to a herd, and I fed a baby elephant a bamboo branch.
Then at the end of the week we flew to Bangkok. We stayed in the hotel Davis. We went shopping and I bought a couple of books from the set “Who Was?” I enjoyed this trip because it was a trip to an ancient place I didn’t know about.


Tongue Twisters!

Alliteration can be quite a challenge!

Try saying this fast:

How many cans can a cannibal nibble,

if a cannibal can nibble cans?
As many cans as a cannibal can nibble,

if a cannibal can nibble cans.

Have you got any other alliterative tongue twisters to share?
Thank you, Ms Evi, for this fun lesson today!


In Defense of Crayons by Mario

Drawing with crayons is fun! Crayons help you finish your drawing. Crayons are better than color-pencils because you don’t need to sharpen crayons.
A crayon is easy to use an easy to draw with. With crayons you can design wonderful posters, and beautiful rainbows.
A crayon can last long because it’s strong. Reader, you must know that you’re not supposed to eat a crayon. A crayon is stronger than a metal object. Crayons bring color to our world.
Some people draw nicely and neatly with crayons so, they change their name to “Mr.Crayoner”. Other people decorate crayons. Are they crazy? Smart people, melt the crayons and they face paint. Silly people draw on each other with crayons.
To celebrate, we should design a costume full of crayons and colors. Also, we can make a parade for the first box of crayons made, or an International Crayon Day, which there will be free crayons, a drawing contest, and a big brand new crayon factory!!
That is everything a crayon can do. Without crayons the world isn’t colorful.


Dear Reader,
I found this beautiful photo, with this intriguing slogan. What does the slogan mean to you?
Mrs Kynigou