Picking oranges in KIATO, by Raphael

Last weekend, my mom, my sister and me, went to our friends’ house in KIATO, where they have many orange trees. The problem is that they almost never can go there to pick oranges, because they don’t have a car to transport them back to Athens. So we went with our car to help them. The trip lasted around an hour and fifteen minutes. When we arrived, there were clouds, but no rain. Eirini, our hostess, made us kids some orange juice and the adults some coffee for refreshment. Vassilis and I went to bring the wagon in which we would put the oranges. Then we all finally got to work!
We all got specific jobs according to our abilities. Mine was to climb on trees to pick oranges that were too high, which I was thrilled about. In there I was surrounded by leaves and oranges. My mom, (just a regular adult with her back problems) (: , picked oranges that were lower and threw them on the ground. Then my sister Alina picked them up and placed them in the wagon. Vassilis, as the strongest man, carried the wagon. But it wasn’t very difficult for him because the wagon worked like a lever. (This reminded me of our science class with levers and other simple machines.) On the handles he put the effort, the wheel was the fulcrum and the oranges were the load. Eirini was inside cooking pizza for when we were done with our work.
When we were finally done, we realized we had picked so many oranges, that we were actually very lucky that they fit in the car. We had picked more than 20 times as many as shown in the picture! We filled the trunk and squeezed them between our legs. It was a great chance to have a nice activity with my family, and our house is now filled with nature.


1 thought on “Picking oranges in KIATO, by Raphael

  1. Raphael, what a wonderful story! I bet it was wonderful being at the top of the trees, dropping oranges to those picking them beneath. I love how you connected the wheel-barrow to what you’re learning in science! Making those connections is what learning is all about! Thank you for sharing your experience with us.
    Ms. Sarah

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