Lifting our Teacher


Yesterday, we tried to lift our teacher, Mrs. Kynigou. Our materials were: 19 students, a load (the teacher), a wooden board, and a wooden block. When it was my turn, I put the wooden block as close as possible to Mrs. Kynigou to see if I can lift her up. My thinking was that the closer I put it to Mrs. Kynigou, the more chance I had to lift her up. So, Mrs. Kynigou stood on one side of the board, and I stood on the other side. Guess what?! I lifted her up! Hooray!
​The other students did the same as me, but some other students wanted Mrs. Kynigou to lift them up. Also, some students put the block in the middle of the board. We all had fun! This was a really nice, fun and interesting experiment.
​What I learned with this experiment is that you have to think of where to put the fulcrum so you can lift up your teacher. I found it easy! What I also learned is that fulcrum can be that strong. Overall, it was really fun!

Tell us what you thought when you made your try out and what you discovered.
Add a comment below. Sorry that some of your trials don’t have a photo, but we’d still like to hear from you!
Mrs Kynigou

Can you lift the teacher? from Penny Kynigou on Vimeo.

11 thoughts on “Lifting our Teacher

  1. Wow, you all are really fortunate to be in such an “uplifting” class. I like the way you approach your problem solving and experimentation with an open mind and “well-balanced” thinking. Keep up the great work and ENJOY!!!!!!!
    Mrs. Mantarakis

  2. Dear Mrs. Kynigou,
    I loved this experiment. I learned that a lever can lift anything if you put the fulcrum next to the object or person you want to lift. Was it fun being lifted by your students?

    1. Dear Marilina,
      This is one of my favorite experiments. Usually I just get to watch while you have all the fun, so I really enjoyed participating with you all. I learned that I have a very smart group of students. It usually takes my classes a lot more tries before they figure it out. You all have the special gift of paying attention and learning from each other’s tries. That shortens the learning process!

      1. Dear Mrs. Kynigou,
        We all are smart but if you didn’t help us we would not have done this fun experiment because most of us wouldn’t know much about levers. Also I loved the video you posted. How did you make it?

      2. Besides agreeing that this was indeed a fun way to find out about how the lever and fulcrum work, I’m also with Marilina when she asks about the video that Mrs. Kynigou posted. Yes, how did you do that, Mrs. Kynigou? And Marilina, how might Turtle Club hitch onto that technique to create a video that could be used to raise awareness about protecting sea turtles and other endangered species? Just a thought 🙂

  3. Dear Mrs. Kynigou,
    I really had fun with this experiment! I loved this experiment. I learned that you can lift anything if you put the fulcrum close to the object or the person!

  4. Great experiment. I wonder if any fifth graders can state a general rule then about how the fulcrum “works?” Does it make a difference what the weight of the people or objects at either end of the fulcrum are? What if the person trying to lift Ms. Kynigou weighed exactly as much as she did? or more? Would you place the fulcrum in the same place? Are there any patterns that you notice when you start experimenting with trying to raise different weight people/objects? I don’t really know the answer to these questions, but you’ve got me thinking about these things. What do you think?

  5. Dear Mrs. Kynigou, My sister loves this video so much she always cried. ” Play it again! Play it again! “. From, Dani

  6. Dear Mrs Krynigou, What a fun class you have! Wish I could have visited when class was in session last summer. The video is great !–I am writing from Maryland and the Glenelg School. I hope to have some of my fifth graders watch –they have been working on learning Newtons’ laws and your work here is related to our simple machines unit. I hope to show the kids and have some of them respond soon. 😉

  7. Dear Mrs. Kynigou,
    I actually liked the whole idea very much! At the end, in the class picture I looked very funny because I was with my mouth open, ready to sneeze and right when they took the picture I sneezed!!!
    Your student ,

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