From High to Low in Cape Town by George


What do you do in a hot country before Christmas? Well, what I did

in South Africa was something you would definitely not do in a country

where it snows for Christmas. The things I did before Christmas were

pretty extreme because I went on a helicopter ride and I went cage

diving with Great White sharks!

What time would you get up to go shark diving? Well I can tell you

that if you want to go shark diving it won’t be at a time you want it to

be because you’ll have to get up at 3:00am in the morning but it’ll be

worth it. We drove for 2 hours from our hotel to get to the shark cage

diving, which was in Gansbaai. When we went out to sea and stopped,

the crew were mixing something gross to give the sharks. They where

mixing tuna heads with fish guts and this is called chum. They said that

they throw the mixture into the sea to attract the Great Whites. The

first people that went into the cage saw 4 different sharks. I was in the

second group and a shark that was 3.2 meters long was so close to me

and it had huge teeth. I wanted to get out because a tuna head landed

on me and my sister got out because it was cold. The sea was 6 degrees

Celsius. I was glad to get out of the water but later on I wished I had

stayed in to see more sharks. It was really scary because the holes in the

cage were massive and someone could have stuck their hand through

the cage and had their hand bitten off by a Great White shark. The crew

on our boat also educated us about Great White sharks and that people

kill them for their fins and teeth. This could lead them to become extinct

so you must never buy anything that came from a shark!

We have gone to the low part of Cape Town and now we are

going to the high part of Cape Town at 1085 meters high! We went to

a mountain called Table Mountain, which is one of the Seven Natural

Wonders of the World. How do you think I got up there? I either walked

on a path or took a cable car. Obviously, I went in the cable car. I would

never walk up that steep mountain! When we got there, a guide told

us some fascinating facts about some animals that we saw which are

called dassies. He told us that their dung is in make up. He also told us

that they are related to the elephant, which is strange because dassies

are only a foot long. We saw many more things on Table Mountain.

There were more than 1500 species of plants but we didn’t see them all.

Another interesting fact was that Table Mountain was once under the

sea. Table Mountain has an amazing view and I recommend it to anyone

who visits Cape Town.

Going even higher in Cape Town is one of my favorite things that I did,

which was going on a helicopter ride. In the helicopter we flew over The

Cape of Good Hope and we saw a statue of Bartholomew Dias, which

was exciting because he was my explorer in the project we had. The

Cape of Good Hope is the point where two oceans meet. These are the

Atlantic and the Indian Oceans; one is a cold ocean and the other a warm

ocean. From the helicopter I saw sharks in the warmer Indian Ocean, as

sharks like to live in warmer waters. When we finished the helicopter

ride we had to run away from the helicopter because the propellers are

dangerous. The best thing about the helicopter ride was talking into

a microphone and wearing headphones. You had to wear these items

because it was very loud and you couldn’t have heard anyone without


If you were to ask me which Christmas I like better I would say I

like it better in the Southern Hemisphere because you can do more

things. There may be no snow but there is shark diving, one of the Seven

Natural Wonders of the World, helicopter rides and much more. This is

why I like the Southern Hemisphere better from high to low.

10 thoughts on “From High to Low in Cape Town by George

  1. Dear George,
    I think would also be very scared seeing great white right in front of me! Were you wearing oxygen tanks? How deep was it? Please answer me on the ACS web mail.
    Your classmate,

    1. Dear Raphael,
      I think it would be great for George to answer you right here on the blog. I’m sure you are not the only one who is interested in these fascinating details! Great question, by the way.
      Mrs Kynigou

      1. Dear George,
        Great article!!!! I would love to visit South Africa one day and it sounds like Christmas is the time to be there. You really had an adventure. You made me feel like I was right there with you as you got a close look at the sharks. Thanks for sharing such interesting observations.
        Mrs. Mantarakis (ACS Friend ;D )
        BTW I wonder if there are any sea turtles in the waters there or nesting beaches along the coast.

  2. George, this sounds fascinating! How scary to go down in that cage! I love all the details you added to your written piece and I feel like I learned a lot from it. I’ve always wanted to ride in a helicopter too! Thanks for sharing all your experiences!

  3. Dear George,
    How big was the shark that you saw?
    It must be fascinating to fly on a helicopter,
    and see a shark!!!
    Your friend,

    1. Dear Stathis,
      The shark I saw was 3.2 meters long, it was the biggest shark I have ever seen. It was also extremely close to me, I was very scared but after a while it wasn’t scary. I don’t know how deep it was but it was very deep.
      Your friend,

  4. Dear George,
    You were so brave to go cage diving with great white sharks. I wish I could also be able to go to the Southern Hemisphere and go cage diving. Did your brother also go cage diving with you? I wonder how the sharks didn’t bite you? But still, WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This would be an awesome trip to go to during Christmas.

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