Tony the Strongest Turkey by Nina


Tony, the turkey, was strong-so strong that he could beat up any turkey in the yard and lift anything that was around. In fact, no one knew exactly how strong he really was. One day, Tony’s strength was put to the test.
It was a warm, sunny day when Tony the turkey woke up, got up from his bed, and he tried to run down the stairs. But he could not run down the stairs because he had lost all his strength! He asked himself: “What do I do now? Tomorrow is the running contest!” Then Tony the turkey heard somebody ringing the doorbell. He walked down the stairs and opened the door. It was Mr. Rabbit, who could jump so high. Mr. Rabbit asked Tony if he was going to come to the contest. “Of course,” Tony said, “Yes, I am going to come to the contest.” Mr. Rabbit smiled at Tony the turkey and left his house. After Mr. Rabbit left, Tony put on his clothes and shoes and headed for the doctor’s office. As Tony the turkey was walking to the doctor, he saw people preparing the outdoor field for the contest. Tony became more stressed than ever as he knew the contest was tomorrow. When he arrived to the doctor, he told him his problem and everything that had happened earlier that morning. The doctor was shocked! The doctor told Tony the turkey that there was nothing he could do, and that he needed to solve this problem on his own!
The next day, Tony got up and began to get ready for the contest with a cold heart. He was so sad that he had lost his strength. He knew he was the strongest runner, yet he could not show his ability without having his strength. So, he got everything he needed with him and got into his car. He was still worried, but he did not have a choice. He arrived at the field with his face bright red. Everyone was there and as soon as they saw him, they began to shout his name! “TONY, TONY, TONY!” Tony the turkey was sad, not just sad, very, very sad. All the runners got ready at the starting line, including Tony. The judge was Mr. Rabbit. He shouted: “On your mark, get set, GO!” All the runners began to run as fast as they could. Tony tried to run fast as well, but he was so scared. He ran and ran and did not look at the other runners. He approached the final round, and he saw the finish line. He was almost at the end. Then, something magical happened. Tony crossed the finish line first! Everyone was shouting! He had won! Tony could not believe he had done it! His strength had returned and he was so very happy. Mr. Rabbit handed Tony a big trophy while the crowd cheered for him! Tony the turkey was sure his strength would never leave him again!


9 thoughts on “Tony the Strongest Turkey by Nina

  1. Dear Nina,

    What a lovely story of courage and believing in yourself! We should all be like Tony the Turkey, no matter what, never stop trying!!

    Ms. Helen 🙂

    1. Nina, great story!!!!!!!! I love the spirit of Tony the Turkey. He’s an inspiration to all of us. Nina, you are using your word power to get the message out that we should never give up. Keep your stories, reports, observations and advice coming to us on the O.W.L. ❤ Mrs. Mantarakis

      1. Dear Mrs. Mantarakis,
        Thank you for all your nice comments. I will keep up my stories, reports, observations and advice coming to us on the O.W.L. Thank you again!


  2. Dear Nina,

    I liked your story very much because Tony suddenly was first. You might want to add more details in your story.


  3. Dear Ms. Helen,
    Thank you for your lovely comment! I agree with you. We should all be like Tony the Turkey.


    1. Dear Nina,

      That story was inspiring. It was inspiring because this story tells you to never give up even when you are feeling sad and down in the dumps.


  4. Dear Nina,
    The reason I like this story is that is a good lesson for life: When things look bad don’t give up. This is exactly what Tony the Turkey did. When things looked and felt rough he just kept trying. That is the reason I enjoyed your writing so much!! Write more great stories with a moral to them Nina!


    1. Dear Nina,
      This is a beautiful and very inspirational story with an important moral. It sounds like it was very difficult for Tony, but it is great that he did not give up when things got very hard. I can imagine that deep down he believed in himself and believed that with some hard work things would turn out OK.

      Ms. Cynthia

      1. Dear Ms. Cynthia,
        Thank you for all your nice comments. You are one of the many people in my life that has helped me grow and believe in myself and in my abilities more than I do! I thank you for your continued support and love. I hope we will always keep in touch!

        Much love,

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