Proofreading Matters! By Mrs Kynigou

Would you leave the house without washing your face, wearing a milk mustache or spattered with toothpaste? Before we go into public we check ourselves in the mirror to be sure we are neat and tidy and looking at our best. We know that first impressions count.

So it is with writing! In the real world, people notice sloppy spelling, grizzly grammar, horrid handwriting and poor punctuation, and it makes a bad impression. Never mind how interesting your ideas, if you haven’t taken the time and trouble to present them properly, they will not command respect. Show pride in your work and always make the effort present it at its best.

Our blog, dear Fifth grade, is PUBLIC! Anyone in the world can find it, if they do a Google Search. This is the REAL WORLD, and so you MUST use the conventions of spelling, grammar, punctuation etc in posts AND comments. Maybe they will even be read by students and teachers from other schools!
First impressions count!

Remember Santa Claus? He checks his list twice. According to Mrs Claus he is checking the spelling of the names and making sure they are capitalized; all that stuff about naughty and nice is just a nasty rumor. Whoever heard of a kid not getting gifts because he or she was naughty? Anyway, YOU, dear students, are going to check better than Santa Claus. Check three times: once for spelling, once for punctuation, and once to be sure it all makes sense. Ask an adult to help you. That way you can be sure that your posts will get published and your comments approved.

Looking for tips on how to write quality comments? Check out the About page.
Happy blogging!


3 thoughts on “Proofreading Matters! By Mrs Kynigou

  1. Dear Ms.Kynigou,

    I really liked your article because you didn’t make any errors. I also liked it because this article is true. I also like the cute example you put up about Santa! What errors did you mostly make as a child? What are the most common errors you have seen your 5th grade classes make?

    P.S. Punctuation does save lives!

    1. Dear Michaela,
      When I was your age I had the same problem that most fifth graders have, I didn’t get how to punctuate dialogue. Please remind me to practice them again with my class as I have a little plan to make this a fun and memorable lesson!
      Ho ho ho!
      Mrs. Kynigou

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