Zippidy zap! By George

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Zooming down one of the worlds fastest, longest and highest zip lines having my cheeks blowing up like a puffer fish was an amazing experience. This is where an adult named Storm was too scared to go down and you would think a guy with the name Storm would want to go first. This zip line is in South Africa in a place called Sun City and it is one of the best zip lines in the world.

When I went to the top of the zip line I felt sick to my stomach because it was 260 meters high. However this is not the tallest zip line because a new one opened up in Wales and it’s 304 meters high. This zip line is just out side Snowdonia National Park and it runs across Penrhyn Quarry, once the worlds largest slate mine. I imagine it might be hard to breathe up there, I feel bad for people that have to stay up there 24-7 like the workers. The South African zip line is not the shortest either. There is one in New Zealand, which is 182 meters high in a place called Gravity Canyon. This zip line flies through the Rangitikei Canyon over a riverbed. This zip line looks like a ton of fun and I wish I could go on it.

South Africa’s zip line is the worlds longest zip line with an amazing length of 2 kilometers. When I went down it the first 10 seconds were so scary because I looked down and then looked in front of me and saw how long it was I thought I was going to die. Well I thought my brother and I would die because you have to go together. The zip line in Wales is 1.6 kilometers and the one in New Zealand has a pathetic length of only I kilometer. How long do you think it must take to cover 2 kilometers on the zip line I went on? It only took 45 seconds!

South Africa’s zip line has a very fast speed of 160 kilometers per hour! This is the second fastest speed that I’ve ever gone. My fastest speed was when I was flying in an airplane. When you go at this speed it’s faster then what you go on the motorway. I should know I went on it. When I went, there was so much wind my mouth exploded with air. As soon as we opened our mouths they dried up because of how much wind there was. If this is how you feel on this zip line imagine what it must feel like on the fastest zip line in Wales that is 190 kilometers per hour! The zip line in New Zealand has a fast speed too with 161 kilometers per hour! I think that the speed for the zip line in New Zealand makes up for it’s pathetic length.

I truly enjoyed the zip line and I think every one should be able to go on one of these zip lines or you could go on all of them and see which one you like the best. I am sure anyone who goes on one of these zip lines going to have the time of their life.<

12 thoughts on “Zippidy zap! By George

    1. Dear Jackson,

      Thank you for your comment and yes it did take a lot of bravery. Maybe one day you can go on it.

  1. Dear George,
    Wow! You must have had a ton of fun. Who did you go with? Were you scared? I would have been VERY, VERY scared!
    Anna Louise

  2. Dear George,
    How many kilometers long was the zipline? You were very brave to ride on the zipline!!!

  3. Dear George,
    I can really imagine how fun it was, because I’ve done similar things in OTHER parks and it was really fun! I actually also want to go to Africa, because I heard also from other friends that there are many fun things in Africa.
    Your classmate,

  4. Dear George,
    Were you nervous when you were on the zip line? You sure had a lot of fun in South Africa.

  5. Dear George,
    I loved the paragraph about zip lines. Did you know that I have a zip line in my backyard? The zip line is about 15 feet high and is fun. Unfortunately right now it is jammed but my dad said he would try to fix it in the summer. The way my zip line got jammed is because it was out side and froze during winter. A month later the sun was out and it was kind of hot so my cousin and I decided to use the zip line. So he and I took turns pushing each other on the zip line and when it was my turn to get pulled the zip line got stuck in the middle of the cable! I was up there for about 10 minutes until I decided to jump down. My whole leg had pain for 2 days but after that my dad and I tried to fix it. Thank you for sharing your experience with tall zip lines.

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