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Picking oranges in KIATO, by Raphael

Last weekend, my mom, my sister and me, went to our friends’ house in KIATO, where they have many orange trees. The problem is that they almost never can go there to pick oranges, because they don’t have a car to transport them back to Athens. So we went with our car to help them. The trip lasted around an hour and fifteen minutes. When we arrived, there were clouds, but no rain. Eirini, our hostess, made us kids some orange juice and the adults some coffee for refreshment. Vassilis and I went to bring the wagon in which we would put the oranges. Then we all finally got to work!
We all got specific jobs according to our abilities. Mine was to climb on trees to pick oranges that were too high, which I was thrilled about. In there I was surrounded by leaves and oranges. My mom, (just a regular adult with her back problems) (: , picked oranges that were lower and threw them on the ground. Then my sister Alina picked them up and placed them in the wagon. Vassilis, as the strongest man, carried the wagon. But it wasn’t very difficult for him because the wagon worked like a lever. (This reminded me of our science class with levers and other simple machines.) On the handles he put the effort, the wheel was the fulcrum and the oranges were the load. Eirini was inside cooking pizza for when we were done with our work.
When we were finally done, we realized we had picked so many oranges, that we were actually very lucky that they fit in the car. We had picked more than 20 times as many as shown in the picture! We filled the trunk and squeezed them between our legs. It was a great chance to have a nice activity with my family, and our house is now filled with nature.


Lifting our Teacher


Yesterday, we tried to lift our teacher, Mrs. Kynigou. Our materials were: 19 students, a load (the teacher), a wooden board, and a wooden block. When it was my turn, I put the wooden block as close as possible to Mrs. Kynigou to see if I can lift her up. My thinking was that the closer I put it to Mrs. Kynigou, the more chance I had to lift her up. So, Mrs. Kynigou stood on one side of the board, and I stood on the other side. Guess what?! I lifted her up! Hooray!
​The other students did the same as me, but some other students wanted Mrs. Kynigou to lift them up. Also, some students put the block in the middle of the board. We all had fun! This was a really nice, fun and interesting experiment.
​What I learned with this experiment is that you have to think of where to put the fulcrum so you can lift up your teacher. I found it easy! What I also learned is that fulcrum can be that strong. Overall, it was really fun!

Tell us what you thought when you made your try out and what you discovered.
Add a comment below. Sorry that some of your trials don’t have a photo, but we’d still like to hear from you!
Mrs Kynigou

Can you lift the teacher? from Penny Kynigou on Vimeo.

From High to Low in Cape Town by George


What do you do in a hot country before Christmas? Well, what I did

in South Africa was something you would definitely not do in a country

where it snows for Christmas. The things I did before Christmas were

pretty extreme because I went on a helicopter ride and I went cage

diving with Great White sharks!

What time would you get up to go shark diving? Well I can tell you

that if you want to go shark diving it won’t be at a time you want it to

be because you’ll have to get up at 3:00am in the morning but it’ll be

worth it. We drove for 2 hours from our hotel to get to the shark cage

diving, which was in Gansbaai. When we went out to sea and stopped,

the crew were mixing something gross to give the sharks. They where

mixing tuna heads with fish guts and this is called chum. They said that

they throw the mixture into the sea to attract the Great Whites. The

first people that went into the cage saw 4 different sharks. I was in the

second group and a shark that was 3.2 meters long was so close to me

and it had huge teeth. I wanted to get out because a tuna head landed

on me and my sister got out because it was cold. The sea was 6 degrees

Celsius. I was glad to get out of the water but later on I wished I had

stayed in to see more sharks. It was really scary because the holes in the

cage were massive and someone could have stuck their hand through

the cage and had their hand bitten off by a Great White shark. The crew

on our boat also educated us about Great White sharks and that people

kill them for their fins and teeth. This could lead them to become extinct

so you must never buy anything that came from a shark!

We have gone to the low part of Cape Town and now we are

going to the high part of Cape Town at 1085 meters high! We went to

a mountain called Table Mountain, which is one of the Seven Natural

Wonders of the World. How do you think I got up there? I either walked

on a path or took a cable car. Obviously, I went in the cable car. I would

never walk up that steep mountain! When we got there, a guide told

us some fascinating facts about some animals that we saw which are

called dassies. He told us that their dung is in make up. He also told us

that they are related to the elephant, which is strange because dassies

are only a foot long. We saw many more things on Table Mountain.

There were more than 1500 species of plants but we didn’t see them all.

Another interesting fact was that Table Mountain was once under the

sea. Table Mountain has an amazing view and I recommend it to anyone

who visits Cape Town.

Going even higher in Cape Town is one of my favorite things that I did,

which was going on a helicopter ride. In the helicopter we flew over The

Cape of Good Hope and we saw a statue of Bartholomew Dias, which

was exciting because he was my explorer in the project we had. The

Cape of Good Hope is the point where two oceans meet. These are the

Atlantic and the Indian Oceans; one is a cold ocean and the other a warm

ocean. From the helicopter I saw sharks in the warmer Indian Ocean, as

sharks like to live in warmer waters. When we finished the helicopter

ride we had to run away from the helicopter because the propellers are

dangerous. The best thing about the helicopter ride was talking into

a microphone and wearing headphones. You had to wear these items

because it was very loud and you couldn’t have heard anyone without


If you were to ask me which Christmas I like better I would say I

like it better in the Southern Hemisphere because you can do more

things. There may be no snow but there is shark diving, one of the Seven

Natural Wonders of the World, helicopter rides and much more. This is

why I like the Southern Hemisphere better from high to low.

Fractions in Action!


Fractions, fractions, everywhere! You can’t seem to get through life without them!
Interview your parents to find out how they use fractions in their lives. When do they add or subtract, multiply or divide fractions. Do they ever use mixed numbers?
Write a brief scenario in your comment to show those fractions in action!

Here’s an example:
I wanted to go to IKEA over the Christmas vacation to pick up some things for the house. I live downtown and it is quite a long way to the airport so I checked how much gas I had before setting out. I had about one quarter of a tank full. When I got to IKEA I realized that I only had one sixth of a tank left. Will I have enough gas to get home or do I need to find a gas station in a hurry?

Tony the Strongest Turkey by Nina


Tony, the turkey, was strong-so strong that he could beat up any turkey in the yard and lift anything that was around. In fact, no one knew exactly how strong he really was. One day, Tony’s strength was put to the test.
It was a warm, sunny day when Tony the turkey woke up, got up from his bed, and he tried to run down the stairs. But he could not run down the stairs because he had lost all his strength! He asked himself: “What do I do now? Tomorrow is the running contest!” Then Tony the turkey heard somebody ringing the doorbell. He walked down the stairs and opened the door. It was Mr. Rabbit, who could jump so high. Mr. Rabbit asked Tony if he was going to come to the contest. “Of course,” Tony said, “Yes, I am going to come to the contest.” Mr. Rabbit smiled at Tony the turkey and left his house. After Mr. Rabbit left, Tony put on his clothes and shoes and headed for the doctor’s office. As Tony the turkey was walking to the doctor, he saw people preparing the outdoor field for the contest. Tony became more stressed than ever as he knew the contest was tomorrow. When he arrived to the doctor, he told him his problem and everything that had happened earlier that morning. The doctor was shocked! The doctor told Tony the turkey that there was nothing he could do, and that he needed to solve this problem on his own!
The next day, Tony got up and began to get ready for the contest with a cold heart. He was so sad that he had lost his strength. He knew he was the strongest runner, yet he could not show his ability without having his strength. So, he got everything he needed with him and got into his car. He was still worried, but he did not have a choice. He arrived at the field with his face bright red. Everyone was there and as soon as they saw him, they began to shout his name! “TONY, TONY, TONY!” Tony the turkey was sad, not just sad, very, very sad. All the runners got ready at the starting line, including Tony. The judge was Mr. Rabbit. He shouted: “On your mark, get set, GO!” All the runners began to run as fast as they could. Tony tried to run fast as well, but he was so scared. He ran and ran and did not look at the other runners. He approached the final round, and he saw the finish line. He was almost at the end. Then, something magical happened. Tony crossed the finish line first! Everyone was shouting! He had won! Tony could not believe he had done it! His strength had returned and he was so very happy. Mr. Rabbit handed Tony a big trophy while the crowd cheered for him! Tony the turkey was sure his strength would never leave him again!


Proofreading Matters! By Mrs Kynigou

Would you leave the house without washing your face, wearing a milk mustache or spattered with toothpaste? Before we go into public we check ourselves in the mirror to be sure we are neat and tidy and looking at our best. We know that first impressions count.

So it is with writing! In the real world, people notice sloppy spelling, grizzly grammar, horrid handwriting and poor punctuation, and it makes a bad impression. Never mind how interesting your ideas, if you haven’t taken the time and trouble to present them properly, they will not command respect. Show pride in your work and always make the effort present it at its best.

Our blog, dear Fifth grade, is PUBLIC! Anyone in the world can find it, if they do a Google Search. This is the REAL WORLD, and so you MUST use the conventions of spelling, grammar, punctuation etc in posts AND comments. Maybe they will even be read by students and teachers from other schools!
First impressions count!

Remember Santa Claus? He checks his list twice. According to Mrs Claus he is checking the spelling of the names and making sure they are capitalized; all that stuff about naughty and nice is just a nasty rumor. Whoever heard of a kid not getting gifts because he or she was naughty? Anyway, YOU, dear students, are going to check better than Santa Claus. Check three times: once for spelling, once for punctuation, and once to be sure it all makes sense. Ask an adult to help you. That way you can be sure that your posts will get published and your comments approved.

Looking for tips on how to write quality comments? Check out the About page.
Happy blogging!


Lamalamadingdong Turkey and Her Ugliness by Piper

Lamalamadingdong Turkey is ugly. Now, reader, I don’t mean she is a bit ugly. In fact she is so ugly that the day she was born she broke a mirror. Her mom fainted when she saw her in the hospital!
Lamalamadingdong Turkey spent every single day of her life hidden in her room, until she turned 20. She was sick of it, she couldn’t bear it anymore. She finally decided that she would get her name legally changed. Once she was out of the police station, she looked amazing and her name wasn’t unusual anymore. Her name was Penny Kynigou Turkey.
Penny decided to get a turkey career. She couldn’t find anything until the day she found the perfect job. She read the article. It said a teacher in 5th grade was needed in Humans Ville. She agreed and a fairy popped up in front of her.
“I am here to grant your wish,” she said “I will make you a human and teleport you to Humans Ville!”
The fairy waved her wand on top of Penny. She turned into a beautiful short haired brunette. Suddenly the fairy looked at her watch and said,
“Whoops have to run! Well don’t just sit there like a sack of potatoes!! Go! Go! Go! The children are waiting for you!”
When she arrived at Humans Ville the children all ran and hugged her. Everyone loved Mrs. Penny. She was an amazing teacher.
From then and on she had a wonderful life and because of that she lived forever.

Please comment, and tell other people about the blog!
Please tell me how you felt while reading the story and don’t be afraid to ask questions!

In Defense of Sea Turtles by Raneem

turtle 1

Why do you think people don’t really care about sea turtles? Shouldn’t we do something? Well, readers, if you are reading this piece of writing, please tell other people about it.

First, sea turtles are very important to the ecosystem because they eat jellyfish in the ocean that can make you die. If you kill them, the ocean will be so dirty you will get sick if you swallow a little bit of water.

Sea turtles last very long, luckily, because sea turtles are part of the environment. Also, we are lucky that in this world there are sea turtles because if you find their eggs you can take them to eat them. However, if you find a sea turtle in the ocean, please don’t take it to keep it.

In addition, if you find them, don’t poison them or take their shells for decoration. Also, some weird people make sea turtles in a bottle charm, which is unnecessary. People also decorate turtles to make them look beautiful, which is also unnecessary.

To celebrate turtles for their wonderful job and show how important they are to us, we should have a sea turtle rescue center for turtles that get injured. We can have a sea turtle egg hunt where you hide balls representing their eggs and hide them so that other people hunt for them. Also, we should have a Sea Turtle Day when we can decorate our class with sea turtles and we can have turtle sports like do a race running like a turtle or swimming like a turtle.

Since sea turtles are very important to the environment, we should take good care of them!

Zippidy zap! By George

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Zooming down one of the worlds fastest, longest and highest zip lines having my cheeks blowing up like a puffer fish was an amazing experience. This is where an adult named Storm was too scared to go down and you would think a guy with the name Storm would want to go first. This zip line is in South Africa in a place called Sun City and it is one of the best zip lines in the world.

When I went to the top of the zip line I felt sick to my stomach because it was 260 meters high. However this is not the tallest zip line because a new one opened up in Wales and it’s 304 meters high. This zip line is just out side Snowdonia National Park and it runs across Penrhyn Quarry, once the worlds largest slate mine. I imagine it might be hard to breathe up there, I feel bad for people that have to stay up there 24-7 like the workers. The South African zip line is not the shortest either. There is one in New Zealand, which is 182 meters high in a place called Gravity Canyon. This zip line flies through the Rangitikei Canyon over a riverbed. This zip line looks like a ton of fun and I wish I could go on it.

South Africa’s zip line is the worlds longest zip line with an amazing length of 2 kilometers. When I went down it the first 10 seconds were so scary because I looked down and then looked in front of me and saw how long it was I thought I was going to die. Well I thought my brother and I would die because you have to go together. The zip line in Wales is 1.6 kilometers and the one in New Zealand has a pathetic length of only I kilometer. How long do you think it must take to cover 2 kilometers on the zip line I went on? It only took 45 seconds!

South Africa’s zip line has a very fast speed of 160 kilometers per hour! This is the second fastest speed that I’ve ever gone. My fastest speed was when I was flying in an airplane. When you go at this speed it’s faster then what you go on the motorway. I should know I went on it. When I went, there was so much wind my mouth exploded with air. As soon as we opened our mouths they dried up because of how much wind there was. If this is how you feel on this zip line imagine what it must feel like on the fastest zip line in Wales that is 190 kilometers per hour! The zip line in New Zealand has a fast speed too with 161 kilometers per hour! I think that the speed for the zip line in New Zealand makes up for it’s pathetic length.

I truly enjoyed the zip line and I think every one should be able to go on one of these zip lines or you could go on all of them and see which one you like the best. I am sure anyone who goes on one of these zip lines going to have the time of their life.<

Tottle the Grumpy Turkey by Michaela

Reader, have you ever heard a story about a turkey? May I correct myself, a grumpy turkey? If you have or haven’t, you are about to here one now:

Have you ever been born and raised (for 45 years) on a farm? Have you ever seen your loved ones eaten for 45 years? Tell me! Tell me right this bedazzled instant! Well I have! I am Tottle the turkey. I have seen Persephone (the butcher’s daughter) grow up into a beautiful young lady! I have seen my family snatched into the hands of the dirty, mosquito bitten butcher (and of course stuffed in my natural enemy the oven).
I have overheard the butcher and his wife talking about me. It’s my turn to be eaten! It is my oil-slapped turn. Why? Why now you’re wondering, why not 10 years ago? They said I will be juicy and tasty after all these years of waiting. Perfidy, perfidy, perfidy! I’ll be juicy after I shove the butcher 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 meters down the Pacific Ocean until you hit the jaw of one of those light-headed Nemo characters. I’ll be known as Tottle the feather builder.
Humans are not trustworthy! I learned that when I was a young bird. I was under an orange tree when it happened. I was talking to my 13th cousin Melissia. Apparently that is a name of a street in Athens, Greece ( she was born there). My Aunt Penny and Uncle Kynigou were a bit crazy and over the top when they named her.
Any way, we were talking about the Brazilian rainforest even though we had never been there. We thought that there were different types of monkeys. One was the Marilynaeos (Marilin-a-e-os) which were green monkeys that had tails so small you could barely see them! I thought of the Raneemo (Raneem-o) monkeys. They were blue monkeys with pink stripes .We were talking about all different types of monkeys ,crocodiles, frogs ,snakes and waba-lonkies (which later I found out were unicorns).Those cruel dry hands snatched Melissia up and I never saw her again!
Though this time I am going to hide from that nasty creature! Oh here he comes! See Yah! I am running and running oof! He’s catching up on me! A meter away, half a meter. He has my feet!
“Stop it you backstabbing, pickle-eating maniac,” I gobble. I thrust out of his reach. I gobble for help but that is useless, I am the only turkey on the block I think to myself. Behind me the butcher is trying to catch me. I abruptly stop. I could feel the air beating down on me. Reader I have to say farewell. Ow! Ow! What’s that light?
I did not know the entrance to heaven was green. Wait reader I am still alive! How wonderful! I am levitating! Oh my turkey Lord! Reader I am in a spaceship.

Indeed reader he was in a spaceship. Inside the vast spaceship supernatural creatures were waddling around hurrying in their own different directions. At first Tottle thought the supernatural creatures were blobs of Cabbage soup until he saw their faces. They were of course green. Their eyes were long and oval shaped liked Scream’s. They all had 3 fingers and wore blue overall uniforms. They also had nametags. Every letter on their names had different types of letters from Greece, Egypt (hieroglyphics), Chinese and other letters and accents he couldn’t identify.

Back on Earth, Reader, the butcher is going bananas!
“I should’ve got that beast! He would’ve been a great dinner after all these years of making it strong! Now I have to get turkey from the supermarket,”( they were never fond of the turkey at the supermarket so they would kill their own) the butcher mumbled. He went to his car and drove off. As he approached the supermarket a swell of disgust expanded in his gut.

Reader! I can’t believe it! I am in outer space. The spaceship is a lot like Luke Skywalker’s and the Death Star combined (obviously it was pretty cool)! My maids are aliens and now I am tacking a massaaaaaaaaaage sorry I am just enjoying the massage. Oh I wish you were here reader! We are passing Jupiter. Look at its big fat red dot. I wonder what that stuck-up butcher is doing right now?

The butcher was disgusted going to the super market. They had always had their own turkey killed and eaten. The butcher was indeed a cruel man who enjoyed seeing flesh and blood. Enough with the gory talk. As he was in the supermarket he would pick some things or two mostly for the dinner they were having. He also got some marshmallows for himself, I wonder if has ever looked in the mirror, I do not think he’ll find any six-packs. This year they would have to have supermarket turkey. Ewww! Gross!

I am so happy here in the spaceship! Those green aliens think I am their king. Now we are going to earth but off course not where the butcher lives but to the Brazilian rainforest. I have a feeling this will be a great Thanksgiving for me. Hopefully the butcher has a rotten Thanksgiving.

Reader this was the story of the miraculous, crazy, grumpy, weird turkey!
Tottle the Turkey the Continuation

Reader I have seen that you are disappointed with the end of Tottle the turkey’s story. Well here is the continuation:

“Flip floppin’ belly blobbin’ monkeys give me back my hat” Tottle yelled. When Tottle left the spaceship he was wearing a hat that the monkeys had stolen. Is this how monkeys actually are? Mean and selfish, he shook the thought out of his head and focused on getting his hat back. He thought that the game should be called turkey in the middle. He looked at one of his aliens and said,” Help me! Give me my hat back!” Then he saw them descending high up in the branches. They decided to explore the area and started walking. After a 2 minute walk Tottle was walking and suddenly he tripped on a rock and went flying into something gooey. He suddenly felt his body being dragged. He was in quicksand. His alien maids got a branch and with great difficulty they got the plump turkey out.

The butcher folded his hands. He looked at the turkey in disgust. Persephone, on the other hand was licking her lips. The butcher’s wife, let’s call her Mrs. Butcher was silent. Persephone looked at the turkey wide-eyed. The butcher started scraping the end of the fork on the plate which caused a scratchy-scratchy noise that made Persephone have goose bumps. Mrs. Butcher gave him a look like she will soon slap him in the face with a brick. He stopped abruptly because honestly no one wants to be slapped by a brick.
Persephone couldn’t take it anymore she lunged at the turkey. She was inches away when the butcher snatched the turkey up with the platter and threw the turkey on the floor. Then he said “From now on we are vegetarians!” Persephone was so upset she through the mashed potatoes in her father’s face. His face even under the mashed potatoes it was visible that it was turning red and without being wise he through the salad in her daughter’s face. Mrs. Butcher was realizing what this was. It was a FOOD FIGHT! She decided to join in. Secretively she got the rice and through handfuls of rice in her husband’s and daughter’s face.
Finally the butcher found his senses and he pointed to a corner looking at Persephone. How could a corner be so scary you might ask reading this? I mean it isn’t going to kill you or turn into a monster! “Not the corner! I can’t stand the corner,” She whispered under her breath. She looked at her father with a puppy dog face she would’ve been cute if she did not have mashed potatoes and rice on her face. He pointed again at the corner and this time she went to the corner.
Sorry I forgot to tell you why the corner is so scary in Persephone’s mind. It was a Time Out for her and as you might have guessed she had a lot of Time Outs. She also doesn’t like small closed places and on her scared of list corner was one of them.
Tottle and his aliens decided to continue their walk but more cautiously. He was looking for any Marilinaeos monkeys or maybe Raneemo monkeys. Sooner or later he gave up. They walked some more until they came upon a beautiful waterfall. On one of the boulders high up next to the waterfall was a home. Tottle saw a beautiful turkey on the porch Spraying bug repellent on bugs surrounding her. Tottle managed a smile. He waved his hands while yelling “Yoo-Hoo!” She looked at him first with disgust and then with kindness. She did a motion with her wings as saying “Come in!” Tottle was about to yell how but then a bamboo ladder dropped down from the balcony. That Reader is how Tottle found his love and his home.

Reader that was Tottle’s story. As for the butcher’s family they became vegetarians. Turkey and other meats were banned from their house. This story had a lovely ever after and a non-meatly ever after. What is your ever after?

P.S. If you were in a food fight with your parents what would you throw? I would throw cake! YUM!