The Clash of the Elements

Imagine if the elements came alive!
Imagine they can actually speak!

I imagine each element would have a unique voice and character. Hydrogen, for example, would be explosive and quick to get mad at everyone. Helium, on the other hand, would probably be quite giggly and light headed and love parties.
So, here’s the challenge. Write a quality comment in the voice of the element you researched to prove, using facts that you have found, that your element is the most essential, the one that humans cannot live without. Bold the facts you use to support your argument. Sign your name as your element.
Watch out! Perhaps the elements might even start talking back and forth in comments!
Kind reminder: ask an adult to proofread your comment before you press send!
Looking forward to reading some great writing!
Mrs. Kynigou

8 thoughts on “The Clash of the Elements

  1. Aluminum= The mean girl

    Hello, I am Zinc. I am here to talk about Aluminum. I am a high school student.Aluminum is the most popular girl in school. In the world she is the 3rd most abundant element. She makes the other boy elements melt. She doesn’t melt unless it is 660.32 degrees Celsius outside or inside. She is also the lightest girl in school ! I mean, who weighs 26.981 for their atomic weight? When coach Iron puts his foot on her back during a push up position she forms wrinkles. She runs quickly in the girls’ bathroom and when she comes out she is her Barbie doll self again.

    Sorry I did not bold the facts! I will list them :
    . The third most abundant element.
    . Melting point is 660.32 degrees Celsius
    . Atomic weight is 26.981
    . Forms wrinkles

  2. I am way better than Aluminum! I am needed in human resources! I am even lighter than it! I only WEIGHT 22.989769! I am used to LIGHT UP ANYTHING ORANGE! I MAKE SALT WHEN MIXED WITH CHLORINE! Salt is tasty I should be the best!

  3. Dear Mrs. Kynigou,

    I will have to disagree with all of the above elements as I AM THE BEST, UNLIKE ALL THE REST! Yes, it is I, Carby Carbon! Give 3 cheers for Carby Carbon! Hip, hip, hooray!

    Your student,

  4. I am way better than any element. I am Phosphorus the most awesome element on earth!
    I am very useful to human beings because I am fertilizing the plants for people to eat. I also try my best to glow in the dark. That is why I am the best element.
    GO PHOSPHORUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  5. Dear elements of the world.

    My name is Hydrogen the 1st element in the periodic table. My atomic weight is 1.00794g/mal. I am also the most important element because sun is mostly made out of me. My liquid form is very popular in nasa because it is used for rocket fuel. I am also a very useful element since I am making artificial material like plastic. Last but not least I am necessary to world because I can make water.
    From Hydrogen

  6. ​Hello there! How are you? I am “Carby,” your friendly carbon, and I have come to life to prove to you that I am the best element there is!

    ​I am one of the most important chemical elements since I make up about 0.025 percent of the Earth’s crust. That is quite a bit! I can also combine with other elements to form compounds. Can you believe it? I find it so easy and fun to combine with them. This is why I make up 18% of all the matter in living things. I have some control of them this way. Yes, you guessed it……….I want to rule all the elements one day!

    ​Finally, I am the best element because I provide most of the energy used by people. People need me, as well as animals and plants, so they can complete their carbon cycle. Without me, life would not be the same!

    ​So vote for “Carby” carbon and you will not be disappointed! Carbon, carbon, you want carbon! C-A-R-B-O-N! Yeah!


  7. Hey! I’m Phosphorus, the most special element on earth! You want to know why? Well,
    because first, I’m an element that glows in the dark, which is so cool. I also, fertilize the plants for people to eat. Also, I build bigger bones and teeth. In addition, I’m so famous, since I got my name from the Greek word ”phosphoros”, meaning an item that glows in the dark. Gor! He, He! People also get phosphorus from foods like beans, nuts, egg, fish, milk and chicken. However, I’m a little bit harmful because first, there is a type of phosphorus that is yellow, and if you touch it, you can get poisoned. Second, touching white phosphorus can cause severe burns. Don’t you think that I’m an epic element?

    Sorry. I forgot to bold the facts I used:
    *Glow in the dark
    *Fertilize the plants for people to eat
    *Builds bigger bones and teeth
    *Got name from Greek word phosphoros meaning item that glows in the dark
    *Yellow phosphorus can poison you

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