So excited by the One Hour of Code challenge today!

Thank you, Ms. Helen! You rock!
She says, “For any student who wishes to continue learning about CODE they can access the web site Then they click –Beyond an Hour of Code. They have to sign up with an email so they can use their school email if they want.”
Have another go and impress your family and friends!
Write and let us know how you felt at the beginning of the activity and how your feelings changed as the hour went on.
Would you like to do more coding? I know Ms. Helen has an idea for animated Christmas cards… Ho!Ho!Ho!

10 thoughts on “So excited by the One Hour of Code challenge today!

    1. Dear Raneem,
      I hear your disappointment and I agree! The iPhone does not take such great photos! Nor does your teacher! Plus everyone was sooo excited it was hard to get the shot organized.
      How could we make sure of a better result next time?
      Your teacher,
      Mrs Kynigou

  1. Dear Mrs. Kynigou,
    I was really exited about Code in the beginning of the lesson, but to be honest with you it did not really thrill me after I actually saw what it was. It was pretty hard to not bump into things like TNT boxes. After level 15 it started losing control of the hardness.
    Your student,

  2. Dear Mrs. Kynigou,
    I also think that the picture is blurry. My idea is that we can retake the picture in class,so everyone can be holding their certificate because some people weren’t holding theirs.
    Your student,

  3. Dear Mrs, Kynigou,
    I really liked and like the Code! It was REALLY fun. I finished all of the puzzles and I got an award! Also, I think that this picture is blurry and some of the faces are blocked by the certificates! I know it is hard, but we can maybe retake the picture. I can help! 🙂 Thanks for all you do and for supporting us all.

    Your student,
    Nina Kalliamvakos

  4. Dear Mrs. Kynigou,
    I also think that this picture is pretty blurry and I don’t know what you should do next time because of these two reasons: All the kids were so exited that they couldn’t stay still and your iPhone doesn’t take such good pictures like you said. So I think it is not your fault. It is almost impossible to make this picture be clear!
    Your student,

  5. Dear Raphael,

    I think you’re right! It’s not Mrs. Kynigou’s fault! The i Phone does not, as you said take good pictures or videos – ( I know because I have one)! Next time we can try hard not to be THAT excited!
    Anna Louise

  6. Dear Mrs. Helen
    Thank you for telling us about this outstanding site. Some levels were pretty tough. But we all loved it. Thank you!

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