Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have Christmas in the southern hemisphere, where it’s always hot? I certainly have because that’s where I’m going for my Christmas holiday this year. I’m going to South Africa where I’ll probably go water skiing! I love water skiing but sometimes it gives me backaches. I might even go parasailing. Parasailing is lost of fun but sometimes it gives me the chills.

In South Africa we might eat steak instead of turkey! This is one of the tasty foods that will be on the barbeque with the other summery foods. I know we won’t have pudding for desert we’ll probably have ice cream can cool down.

How do you think Santa will get to me? Sharks probably would pull him to South Africa. He would need over 500 sharks because of all the presents he has. In South Africa we don’t have chimneys so Santa might have to climb through a window! That’s why I’m going to leave all the windows open on December 24th

What should I wear? I think I should wear shorts, T-shirt, flip-flops, a hat and a swimming costume. I don’t think I should wear long pants, long sleeved shirts and definitely not a sweatshirt.
I could boil to death if I wore a sweatshirt! I can’t wait until I go. I think it’ll be amazing. I’ll tell you where I like better for Christmas when I get back.

Here’s some South African Christmas music!

“Soweto Gospel Choir – Mbube”

Zulu Christian Singing

By George

Dear George,
That sounds very exciting! I bet everyone has lots of questions for you about what it will be like there. We hope you will write more posts while you are there to show us a slice of life in South Africa! I was wondering how the South Africans think Santa arrives? Obviously he won’t be arriving on a sleigh if there is no snow!
Have a safe trip, and look forward to your next post!
Happy Holidays!
Mrs Kynigou

9 thoughts on “Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere

  1. Dear Mrs Kynigou

    Thank you for your comment and i will
    definitely post some more writing on the
    blog and i will tell you how they think
    Santa arrives when i get back.

    your student George

  2. Dear George,
    I hope you enjoy your Christmas vacation in South Africa.
    My question is: Do you see any wild animals roaming around?

  3. Dear George,
    Hope you have your best Christmas at Greece with us,your family and friends.
    Your crazy friend,

  4. Dear George,
    I hope you tell us more about your Christmas trip in class! I am sure it must be super fun to be with all those animals! How many animals did you see? Please write back!

    Your curious classmate,
    Anna Louise

    1. Dear George,

      It must be different spending your Christmas in South Africa than Greece. I really want to have that experience too!


  5. Dear George,

    Your article was very interesting.I never really thought of Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere.It must be very exciting!!!

  6. Dear George,
    Proofread before posting.
    At the first paragraph you wrote lost instead of lots.
    From: Stathis Plessas

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