Volleyball is the Best!

Some people are very good at sports. I have been playing volleyball for 4 years and I’m improving every year. I’m on Palini’s volleyball team which is a big deal for me. It’s where the experts go. I’m thrilled. When I’m playing volleyball, I’m in the zone. I have no stress. I feel free; nothing bothers me just hitting the ball so it could go over the net. Also, my goal is to win and see smiling faces. Last year I won the bronze medal (third place) in the big game. I was very proud of myself.
By Marilina

Do you have a sport you are good?
Please leave a comment.

5 thoughts on “Volleyball is the Best!

  1. Dear Marilina, I am great at tennis and biking. I also love to play soccer, baseball and kickball!
    Sincerely, Anna Louise

  2. Dear Marilina,

    I am good in soccer, kickball and probably everything that has to do with kicking. Also, I love playing ping-pong(table tennis).


  3. I really like your post. I also enjoy playing volleyball it’s a vey fun sport to play. I think your post was very enjoyable because you seem to really enjoy the sport. I always think that if you try your best at something, you will succeed. So, if you really want that gold medal, you have to try your best.

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