Fifth Grade Goes Bananas!

When we were doing fractions in math, we had two bananas and we tried to share them equally among three people. We had to find ideas to cut the bananas equally so that each child gets the exact portion of the banana. Therefore, we measured the banana with a ruler and each person realized that we should cut both bananas into three pieces. Each student enjoyed 1/3 of each banana so that makes 2/3s in all. It was an exciting math lesson because after we cut each banana, we ate them!
By Raneem
Can you think of other ways of cutting food and sharing it using fractions or mixed numbers?
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7 thoughts on “Fifth Grade Goes Bananas!

  1. Dear Raneem,
    You could cut the bananas into 3ds and then
    cut the 3ds in half.That way everybody eats the same amount of banana into smaller pieces!1/3=2/6.That is equivalent fractions!!!You could also cut the 3ds you already cut into half and that will equal to 4/12 ,which we all know equals to 1/3!!!
    From:Stathis #18

  2. I really liked the video! Too bad I wasn’t there! It looked like so much fun! I really hope we do something similar!
    Anna Louise

  3. Hi Fifth Grade! I loved watching you Go Bananas!
    I wonder if it would work if you mashed the bananas and took fractions of weight to make sure everyone gets their equal share.

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