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How to feed 6 kids with 60 Turkish Lira!


During Thanksgiving break I went with my family to Istanbul, Turkey. My family travelled together with two other families. We had made a group of 10 people.
On the last day we all had 60 Turkish liras left for food. Our problem was how we would feed 6 kids with 60 Turkish liras.
At first all the kids wanted individual chicken nuggets with 6 pieces that cost 11 liras and french fries that were 12 lira. If everyone bought themselves chicken nuggets and fries it would cost 66 Turkish lira because 6 times 11 is equal to 66 and if they bought french fries it would cost 72 lira because 12 times 6 is equal to 72. So if we bought individual nuggets and fries it would cost altogether (66+72) 138 liras.
Then we thought about it and found a solution. It would be better if we all split the chicken nuggets evenly so we bought 3 boxes of chicken nuggets with 18 pieces in all. Everyone ate 3 pieces. We also had money left over so we bought and split two boxes of French fries. Our meal was delicious!

Great job, Marilina! Ordering food really gives some great math problems!
Does anyone else have a real life math problem to share?

The Clash of the Elements

Imagine if the elements came alive!
Imagine they can actually speak!

I imagine each element would have a unique voice and character. Hydrogen, for example, would be explosive and quick to get mad at everyone. Helium, on the other hand, would probably be quite giggly and light headed and love parties.
So, here’s the challenge. Write a quality comment in the voice of the element you researched to prove, using facts that you have found, that your element is the most essential, the one that humans cannot live without. Bold the facts you use to support your argument. Sign your name as your element.
Watch out! Perhaps the elements might even start talking back and forth in comments!
Kind reminder: ask an adult to proofread your comment before you press send!
Looking forward to reading some great writing!
Mrs. Kynigou

Real Life Math: Planning the Christmas Party

Christmas Party Math from Penny Kynigou on Vimeo.

Today we worked on a new project for the fifth grade’s Christmas party!!! Mrs.Kynigou gave us a sheet of paper to record the total prices of each item. Also, we recorded the number of items in each pack, how much does each individual item cost, the number of packs we need to buy for 60 people and the total price that it would cost in total for Mrs. Kynigou’s class! We had to write up a little summary about how to find the total cost, and how much money we could save on the cheaper napkins ( if we bought the cheaper or the most expensive) . We want to give the money we can save by using up the supplies we had from Halloween , other holidays and birthdays, as charity to poor people or people that have suffered in different places or that have suffered in the past. We had a big discussion in class about where to give the remaining 17.47 euro that were left over. Many people suggested different things like giving them to poor people or using them for other class reasons. People also suggested we should give them to Mrs.Koutsioukis because she is collecting jackets for charity and people in need. Personally, Stathis and I believe that we should give the money to a local Charity.
By Anna Louise and Stathis

Post a comment and tell us where you think the money we save should go.

So excited by the One Hour of Code challenge today!

Thank you, Ms. Helen! You rock!
She says, “For any student who wishes to continue learning about CODE they can access the web site Then they click –Beyond an Hour of Code. They have to sign up with an email so they can use their school email if they want.”
Have another go and impress your family and friends!
Write and let us know how you felt at the beginning of the activity and how your feelings changed as the hour went on.
Would you like to do more coding? I know Ms. Helen has an idea for animated Christmas cards… Ho!Ho!Ho!

Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have Christmas in the southern hemisphere, where it’s always hot? I certainly have because that’s where I’m going for my Christmas holiday this year. I’m going to South Africa where I’ll probably go water skiing! I love water skiing but sometimes it gives me backaches. I might even go parasailing. Parasailing is lost of fun but sometimes it gives me the chills.

In South Africa we might eat steak instead of turkey! This is one of the tasty foods that will be on the barbeque with the other summery foods. I know we won’t have pudding for desert we’ll probably have ice cream can cool down.

How do you think Santa will get to me? Sharks probably would pull him to South Africa. He would need over 500 sharks because of all the presents he has. In South Africa we don’t have chimneys so Santa might have to climb through a window! That’s why I’m going to leave all the windows open on December 24th

What should I wear? I think I should wear shorts, T-shirt, flip-flops, a hat and a swimming costume. I don’t think I should wear long pants, long sleeved shirts and definitely not a sweatshirt.
I could boil to death if I wore a sweatshirt! I can’t wait until I go. I think it’ll be amazing. I’ll tell you where I like better for Christmas when I get back.

Here’s some South African Christmas music!

“Soweto Gospel Choir – Mbube”

Zulu Christian Singing

By George

Dear George,
That sounds very exciting! I bet everyone has lots of questions for you about what it will be like there. We hope you will write more posts while you are there to show us a slice of life in South Africa! I was wondering how the South Africans think Santa arrives? Obviously he won’t be arriving on a sleigh if there is no snow!
Have a safe trip, and look forward to your next post!
Happy Holidays!
Mrs Kynigou

Making crystals

Dear Ms. Kynigou
I will talk about our science experiment.
5th grade worked on a fun science lab experiment. The purpose of the experiment was to make crystals on pipe cleaners.

The materials that we needed were: 37 pipe cleaners, math skills, string about 216 inches, 6 pencils, borax, a tablespoon, boiling water and a big jar.


5th grade used math skills to make 7 groups of 3 and 8 groups of 2. Then the teachers boiled the water and 5th grade added it into the jar.

20131209-213248.jpg</aThen each group added a tablespoon of borax. Finally 5th grade made 37 shapes with the pipe cleaners, tied them with the string on the pencils and threw them in the water until 3 days passed. They aren’t all ready yet, but crystals are on some pipe cleaners.

​​​​​​​Your student Pandelis


Introducing Ms Evi

Hello! All of you know me, my name is Ms. Evi and I am VERY excited to be your Student Teacher this year! I am positive this school year will be full of fun and lots of learning! I want to know ALL about you, but first let me tell you a few things about myself.
I was born and raised in Athens, Greece and went to school at ACS Athens for 14 years. I really loved being part of the ACS community as a child and for the past 5 years I have had the honor of being part of the ACS community as a Shadow Teacher. I studied both in Greece and the United States and I am currently completing a Teachers Certificate Program for Elementary School Education, from the University of West Florida.
I enjoy spending time with my friends, watching movies, cooking, shopping and reading. Some of my favorite books are; Lost and Found and No Talking by Andrew Clements, There is a Boy in the Girls Bathroom by Louis Sachar and Icefire by Chris D’Lacey. Has anyone read any of these books?
I am thrilled to be part of Mrs. Kynigou’s fifth grade class and can’t wait to be teaching you ALL throughout the year! I would also love if you can tell me a little bit about yourselves and which subjects you enjoy in school.
Ms. Evi


Real life Math at Santa Claus Kingdom

My mum, Anna, Danae and I went to Santa Claus Kingdom. The entrance ticket was 15$ for the kids under 12 and 5$ for the adults. Anna, Danae and I are 10 years old. We all ate popcorn which cost 2$ for each. The girls and I ate candy which cost 3$ each. We all had one bottle of water which cost 1$ each. And we all played games which cost 2$ for each. How much did we spend at Santa Claus Kingdom?

What’s your answer? Add a comment explaining how you calculated it.

Volleyball is the Best!

Some people are very good at sports. I have been playing volleyball for 4 years and I’m improving every year. I’m on Palini’s volleyball team which is a big deal for me. It’s where the experts go. I’m thrilled. When I’m playing volleyball, I’m in the zone. I have no stress. I feel free; nothing bothers me just hitting the ball so it could go over the net. Also, my goal is to win and see smiling faces. Last year I won the bronze medal (third place) in the big game. I was very proud of myself.
By Marilina

Do you have a sport you are good?
Please leave a comment.

Fifth Grade Goes Bananas!

When we were doing fractions in math, we had two bananas and we tried to share them equally among three people. We had to find ideas to cut the bananas equally so that each child gets the exact portion of the banana. Therefore, we measured the banana with a ruler and each person realized that we should cut both bananas into three pieces. Each student enjoyed 1/3 of each banana so that makes 2/3s in all. It was an exciting math lesson because after we cut each banana, we ate them!
By Raneem
Can you think of other ways of cutting food and sharing it using fractions or mixed numbers?
Add a comment.