Turtle Club is Starting Up Again!


Hello, I’m Marilina. I am a student in Mrs. Kynigou’s awesome 5th grade class.

Once again my friend Raneem and I are starting up an old club called Turtle Club where we talk about helping turtles and also have a great time. We visit the Archelon Center (the turtle hospital) in Glyfada and take care of turtles. There you can give money to rescue a turtle by adopting it, but it stays at the hospital until it gets better to return back into the water. You also name your adopted turtle. At the end you take home a wonderful picture of your turtle in order to remember this fantastic rescue center and your efforts made to save it.

The first Turtle Club meeting will take place on December 4th at 12:40 pm in Ms. Rovoli’s classroom in the Elementary School. The meetings will be twice a month.

Come and sign up for the Turtle Club. Don’t you want to be the proud person that will save a turtle’s life?

Add a comment if you want to be in Turtle club. If you were in Turtle Club in the past, write and tell us about your experiences!


                           Turtle Club Rocks! 

6 thoughts on “Turtle Club is Starting Up Again!

  1. Dear Marilina,
    I think it is an amazing idea that you started turtle club. I wanted to ask you if there is homework that the teachers give you,are there a lot of assessments and is it during recess or is it an after school club?Again,BRAVO on trying to help animals that are rare and earth doesn’t have a big amount of them.
    From:Stathis Plessas

  2. Dear Stathi,
    Turtle club is at 12:40 (Not after school) Thank you for the comment and thank you for the generous quetionts. It has no homework just facts about turtles and fun and also games sometimes. Lets always try to save the world and help animals.

  3. Dear Marilina,
    I think that it was an awesome idea that you and Raneem started Turtle Club again, because people that didn’t go to Turtle Club might have wanted to go this year and people from the past might want to live this experience again!!!!
    Your friend,

  4. Way to go, Turtle Club! I’ve really enjoyed the meetings that I have attended with you all. As an ARCHELON volunteer I appreciate your efforts to support the Rescue Center this school year with donations of time, needed items, money and volunteer work. You’re doing a great job of sharing your knowledge and skills with classmates, other students at your school, family and the community at large. I’m looking forward to helping in any way I can as Turtle Club carries out their plans for raising public awareness about Caretta Caretta and connecting with ARCHELON Rescue Center in Glyfada. Happy “turtling”!

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