Graphing the Best Explorer

The results are in! Slight problem, we can’t read the explorers names in the photo! Can you help?
Leave a comment to tell where your explorer is ranked. Obviously, those at the front are ranked first.


14 thoughts on “Graphing the Best Explorer

  1. Dear Mrs.Kynigou,
    My explorer was Henry Hudson and I wasn’t at school that day, so if we could also rank my explorer, it would be great!Thank you!

  2. Dear Mrs.Kynigou,
    My explorer (Hernan Cortés) was in the third line tied with Zheng He, and Ponce de Leon.


    P.S. It was a very fun activity!

  3. dear Mrs. Kynigou.
    my explorer was Columbus I wasn’t in the line because an other kid has the same explorer as me that’s why I was in the criteria.

  4. Dear Mrs.Kynigou,
    My explorer is Marco Polo. He is ranked first. Which explorer do you think is the best?

    1. Dear Michaela,
      I think my personal vote would go with Marco Polo on the grounds that his journal of his travels provided the inspiration to the whole era of exploration in the Renaissance. Best of all he is not tainted by the exploitation of native peoples, which mars so many of the later explorers’ careers. Who do you think was the worst, and why?
      Thanks for your comment and for opening the discussion!
      Mrs Kynigou

      1. Dear Mrs. Kynigou,

        Many people in the class said that Columbus was the worst but I do not think that. The Colombian exchange in my opinion made a big role in the trading system back then. Hernan Cortes is the worst(in my opinion) because he was a Spanish conquistador who destroyed the Aztec Empire. In the process he did very cruel things to people such as :
        . Killing
        . Hurting people
        Who is the worst explorer in your opinion?


      2. Dear Michaela,
        I think I would have to agree with you for all the reasons you gave. Additionally, I always felt that the fact that Moctezuma had welcomed Cortes and his men and treated them as gods, and that Cortes subsequently killed him and eradicated (stamped out) the Aztec Empire reveals a really nasty side to his character! Perfidy!
        Does anyone want to counter this?
        Mrs Kynigou

  5. Dear fifth grade,
    My explorer is vasco nunez de Balboa but I think Marco Polo and Vasco da Gama are better than mine. I also like Cartier, Hutson and Dias. Who do you think is best?
    Your student

  6. Dear Ms. Kynigou,
    I think my explorer Francisco Pizzaro should be atleast ninth place because he is not a really a bad explorer. What do you think? what place should he be in?

  7. Dear Ms.Kynigou,
    Im saying he is not the worst because when we did the activity outside I wasn’t the last one, but I was actually ninth place.

  8. Dear Ms Kynigou,
    I am saying that he is not a bad explorer because when we did the activity outside I was ninth place not last place.

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