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Turtle Club is Starting Up Again!


Hello, I’m Marilina. I am a student in Mrs. Kynigou’s awesome 5th grade class.

Once again my friend Raneem and I are starting up an old club called Turtle Club where we talk about helping turtles and also have a great time. We visit the Archelon Center (the turtle hospital) in Glyfada and take care of turtles. There you can give money to rescue a turtle by adopting it, but it stays at the hospital until it gets better to return back into the water. You also name your adopted turtle. At the end you take home a wonderful picture of your turtle in order to remember this fantastic rescue center and your efforts made to save it.

The first Turtle Club meeting will take place on December 4th at 12:40 pm in Ms. Rovoli’s classroom in the Elementary School. The meetings will be twice a month.

Come and sign up for the Turtle Club. Don’t you want to be the proud person that will save a turtle’s life?

Add a comment if you want to be in Turtle club. If you were in Turtle Club in the past, write and tell us about your experiences!


                           Turtle Club Rocks! 

A Magic Carpet for our classroom!

“Wouldn’t it be great if we had a carpet in our classroom? ” I asked my students, “A rug where we could all sit together and share ideas, where we could stretch out and read stories?”
This initial idea sparked a practical mathematical investigation in our classroom as Dani, Mike, George and Constantinos collaborated to solve the problem. I asked them to figure out the following:

About how much carpet area is needed for twenty children and one teacher to be able to sit around the edges.
• What are all the possible dimensions of such a rug?
• What options are best and why?
• How much would this cost to buy at IKEA?

“Let’s measure how much space an average 5th grader needs to sit,” said Mike. “Let’s measure George and Constantinos.”

“Don’t forget the teacher! We can measure the chair for her and add that in,” pointed out Constantinos. “It’s about 70 cm.”
“Ok, if 1 5th grader needs 60 cm, then 20 students will need 1,200cm, plus the teacher’s chair equals about 1,270cm. If that is the perimeter, then we can have either a rug 500×135, or 400×235. “ figured Dani.

“Let’s see which would fit best in the corner by the cubbies,” said George thinking practically.
“The second one is better because the first would not fit. It would go on the wall,” figured Dani.

“Mrs Kynigou told us the cheapest rug costs 19.99€, but it’s not big enough. It’s only 133x197cm. Two rugs fit almost everyone, but it’s not fair to leave some kids sitting on the floor. Can we buy three?” they all reasoned.
“If we have three rugs 197×399, then the perimeter is 1,191cm. That is still not enough. I think I have a better way…like an L shape…That gives us 1,320cm, that’s enough for 20 kids,” argued Dani.


The students took their finished reports and shared them with Ms Makropoulos. They came back excitedly, “The principal agreed! Now we have to find out if the other fifth grades want rugs too?”
“Wait! How much will that cost?”
“She told us to fill out a requisition. What’s one of those and how do you fill it out?”

We are all eagerly awaiting the arrival of our “magic carpet”!
“We’d better hurry up,” says Dani. “That offer only lasts until the end of November!”
Posted by Mrs Kynigou

Comment time:
What math skills did our students use to solve this problem?
Write a comment below identifying a specific skill used to solve a specific part of this problem.
Can you suggest another real life project that we could try to solve using our math skills?

Who is the Best Explorer?

What does it take to be the best explorer? Apparently good leadership, persistence and achieving your goal are not enough, according to our class! We brainstormed criteria and decided that enslaving natives and causing death and destruction were important factors which would weigh against being considered the best. Also we felt it was important not just to bring back the goods, but also to bring home your crew safely. There was lots of lively debate as classmates questioned each other on the explorers they had researched and supported their claims with factual evidence. We tried to end the debate by making a graph in the yard, but some of us are still not convinced!
If you want to share your thoughts about which explorer is the best, leave a comment below.