The Mate’s Soliloquy, by Stathis

I think this trip is very boring and none of the sailors ever listen! That no good sailor #2 is the worst on the ship! He never listens, and he is very rude to a great mate like me.
One day I will be captain, and I will be in charge! I will work those sailors so hard, that we will go all around the world and get lots of gold and riches! I will be the best captain in the world! Even better than my own captain Mc.Jellyfish , but I am stuck with mate. I became a mate because I love to explore and discover new things.
If I became captain would I get new sailors? If I did I hope they are brave, hard-working, and smart. I also dream of being the richest man in the world! That would be much better than this crummy old ship!

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