Soliloquy of the Helmsman, by Louis

OOOH!! This is such a pain not being able to move… what a pain! I can’t move because I am a helmsman and I am sailing until we fall off the world to our death! I hate the kingdom because the queen makes us do tons of work and the princesses fight all day and night. It’s all work… I’m just so tired… We have to do work so we can get gold for the stubborn yet bossy queen! The king should man – up and the captain is bossy just like the queen.

I’d rather be home having a great feast and be watching TV. I wish I was the greatest captain in the world but my wish is yet to come true. My dream is to be a king with a wonderful queen. Then I will be able to punish the captain for bad sailing. However that will never happen because I will die on this sea under captain’s orders. Dying is one of my greatest fears, but another one of my fears is sailing. Sailing sounds ok because you’re on a boat but that’s not all! Thousands of people have died. So sailing usually ends up in dying.
I just want to be a free person not a helmsman. The captain gives me so much work I once broke my finger! When you least expect it, he gives you work! In the future the captain will be punished for bad sailing! I just hope I will be alive so see it!
I was born in Carmona, 1470, on a farm. Since I didn’t want to be a farmer, I left home and went 981 kilometers to Barcelona. I learned to be a sailor because I thought it was fun. So I learned to be a sailor and started sailing with Capt.McJellyfish. That is my untold life story. One more thing, if you meet one of the castle cooks, because they are my friends, ask for some spaghetti to go. Don’t eat the spaghetti, instead find the captain and throw it on him! After he stops his migraine he will like your bravery and make you a sailor!
Good Luck!

1 thought on “Soliloquy of the Helmsman, by Louis

  1. Dear Mrs. Kynigou
    In the thing that we do for our explorers I was with the criteria because I was a ESL student and an other kid was in the line with the my explorer because he had the same explorer as me.

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